Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Isolated

I’m almost a week late to the party, but hey, I’m working on the old better late than never saying.

In his challenge this week, Hugh asked us to post a photo of something isolated. I have hundreds if perhaps not thousands of photo’s, but finding one was believe it or not quite hard, and then I remembered this one:

Whitepark Bay

Whitepark Bay is one of my most favourite places here in Northern Ireland. I love the wide expanse of the beach and how shut off from the world you can feel once you have made the long walk down.

If you look closely at the picture you will notice the figure of a girl sitting on the rock, I believe she was reading, and I remember thinking at the time, what an awesome place to sit and write, isolated from the world with nothing but the sound of crashing waves to keep you company.

22 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Isolated

  1. Hi Jules, so glad you made it to this week’s challenge, especially as the next one is about to go out.

    Beautiful photo. I can only imagine that the girl sitting on the rock was in her own little world. What a lovely place to sit, read and write. I can only imagine it must have been very inspirational. Lucky you to be living so near to a place as beautiful as that.

    Hope you’ll join in this week’s challenge. It’s a totally different theme to this one and one I think may bring in lots of interesting results :)

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I would like to be in that photo right now. The grass is always greener on the other side of the ocean, or so it seems. Someone there would probably wish they were in my photo, but I don’t have a photo shown.


  3. Was that a book she was reading or an AA road map? I got my magnifying glass out and I believe that puzzled look on her face is quite significant. Anyway, it does look like a wonderful part of the world. I could quite happily read a book there.


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