Oh balls it’s almost Monday!

GC - Halloween
It’s hard to believe that the weekend is over once again, and with it Halloween, but fear not folks, only 364 days to go till the next one!

I was looking forward to the weekend, because the past week has been the longest in creation. Whether rightly or wrongly I’ve been blaming the time change, that extra hour came in like Miley on a wrecking ball and knocked everything for shit.

Friday morning I got up grumpy, as you do, well as I certainly do anyway. I mean come on, it was early morning and there was 8 hours of work stuff to do before I could officially say it was the weekend and that’s when it started, the drip, drip drip. Sadly on this occasion it was not a tap, but my nose that was running and that’s how it continued for the whole day. I was so cold sitting in work that I had to wear a hoodie and it was a toss up between what was going to break first, my jaw from all the yawning or my neck from all the sneezing. By the time 5 o’clock came I had a nose like a Belisha Beacon and there was still the shopping to be done.

I laid on the old sympathy card with the Fathership and somehow managed to convince him to come into the store with me and push the trolley, I took a hot flush when I saw the price of the balsam tissues, the ones that are meant to leave your hooter as smooth as a baby’s butt and I had eaten a packet of breaded chicken nibblers before I even made it to the check out because I was following the rules of the rhyme ‘Feed a cold, starve a fever’.

Car loaded up we headed to a different store to check out the price of tissues there, bargin, 99p instead of £3, well that was a win win situation. I purchased a box, and that’s when it stopped, the drip, drip, drip that is. I mean WTF nose give me a break! Erm not literally though, ok. I picked my nose with a tissue, I figured that same as I had paid for them I was bloody well going to use them.

On waking up yesterday and realising there was still no drippage I had high hopes I was on the road to a remarkably quick recovery, but no, it was too good to be true as along came Mr Headache and Mr Lethargy. Saturday is my housework day, but I was so tired that at one point I considered sticking dusters all over my body and just lying down on the floor and flailing my arms and legs.

Then I took a tablet, from the bottle below, and as if by magic the housework was done, perhaps not to my usual standards, but done all the same.


Today, well I feel the same. I was going to have an early night, but oh no, here I sit writing about picking my nose and eating concrete pills. Perhaps I am delirious!

On that happy note I am away to bed, I’m more tired than a big tired thing schooled at the school of tireness and I am scared that I might fall asleep at my lsj;lfIDHVORVB;ldckj…………..

32 thoughts on “Oh balls it’s almost Monday!

  1. I am sure you’ll awaken Monday morning a new and energised woman, I am saying that as I will never know and can say smart-arse things like that to ladies across the ocean…..but I do hope you are feeling better I had a shocker too, a gastric bug that laid me well and truly low all weekend…..but I am slowly mending as we resilient folk do, just a little slower than we did thirty years ago….


  2. O M G! Juls, I am ROFL over here. I’m so sorry….I feel just horrible that you’ve had such a rotten weekend, but your writing here “…. I was so tired that at one point I considered sticking dusters all over my body and just lying down on the floor and flailing my arms and legs….” and concrete pills? You can’t imagine how hard I’m laughing over here. Can you hear me even across the pond?

    You can’t be looking for sympathy. You just have to be here to entertain and you’ve done that so very well with this. Even in sickness, you’ve still got it! I just hope you can now get rid of that bug ….imagine what you could do were you well! Drink OJ and be well, my friend. And thank you, ever so much, for this wonderful end to a weekend for the rest of us.


  3. Wake well, Juls. I myself love Fridays, even though it is a work day, I tend to treat Friday as a head start to Saturday’s, thus extending my weekend. Yeah I know, I must sick in the mind. Now I’m feeling like going to bed. :D


  4. Rubbish that your weekend dwindled away in layers of lethargy, but a sign that your body was exhausted and needed to recover. Dr Birdie recommends a spot of Vaseline on the beak at bedtime, it gets rid of those flaky bits by morning :-D


  5. I’m wondering if you woke up with a keyboard imprint on the side of your face?

    Get well soon Jules. Only another 363 days until Halloween. Oh, wait a minute. It’s a leap year next year so only another 364 days until Halloween! 🎃


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