Keeping you up to date…….

I know you have all been wondering where I have been… have right!? Well the truth is I haven’t been anywhere, now that’ll be a shock to those of you who regularly read my blog, me having such a fantastic social life and all……not!!

Image from Silver Diner – not my dinner table….sadly!

Actually that’s a lie, I did go out for tea last week with the friend who sends the texts  that make me smile and it was great fun, I ordered a burger that when it arrived I had no idea whether to climb it or eat it. I decided on the latter and it was bloody good! Hopefully I’ll go again, if I am asked that is.

I realised something this week, and it is something of great importance….you lot write too fecking much. The amount of unread posts in my Bloglovin never seems to go below 70, WTF….where do you all get the time. I’ve reached the stage of reading and not liking (by pressing the button that is), but even that is not making a dent in the list. So take a deep breath, relax have a cup of coffee and slow the feck down will ya!

Thank you and welcome to all my new followers, and thank you for sticking around to all the old ones. Even little Miss May has had a few new ones which is why I have finally stopped reblogging her posts. It’s time to see if she can stand on her own two Louis Buttons.

I’ve been loving the new Alt-J album, This is all yours . It’s been on constant repeat on my music player. That said, Steve from Now this is what I would call music, also introduced me to Sia’s new album. I’ve already had some of her music, but the tune ‘Fair Game’ has also become a firm favourite this week. Considering Steve was also the one who introduced me to the song ‘Moving on’ by James which you can listen to on my Music Bubble page, then I would say his site is well worth checking out.

Well that’s about it from me, what’s been happening with you lot?

28 thoughts on “Keeping you up to date…….

  1. I write a lot at lunch and at night before bed. Reading I do here and there, but I get email notifications. Open, read, comment, done.

    What’s new with me…nothing. :-)


    • I’m sure that’s not true, there is never nothing new with you :P lol
      I never get lunch times any more, unless the odd 15 minutes here or there and it takes my laptop that amount of time to boot up ffs lol
      How’s Matthew getting on and how you doing?


  2. I got myself registered for my last class of this fucking certificate this morning and decided that one of the faculty needs a hug. Around his neck. With some rope. So really, not much.


  3. I’ve been catching up after my hiatus and vacation. A lot of ideas have built in my head and I need to get them out. I’ll probably be posting more but I may slow it down a little.

    I know what you mean by trying to read everything. It’s all interesting but keeping up with tons of blogging friends after a while starts feeling like a chore. Just have to pick and chose sometimes.


  4. Hey there! Thanks for the update :) was just thinking today actually that I haven’t seen any C3 prompts/updates! I’d like to see that up and running again! I myself am just about getting back into the swing of blogging again after a rocky few weeks at the end of September-beginning of October, but I’m back, baby! :D


  5. Yes, I have been missing you on here and have been wondering where you’ve been! But I’m not going to write about it ’cause you say we write too fecking much! :)


  6. I actually wondered where you were! But I agree, how can everyone write so much? Of course I could be able to do so too if I had a sense of planning, but even then, where do you find so much inspiration all the time? And all the time in general? It’s a mystery, I tell you, a mystery.


    • It is a mystery my good friend and sadly one that eludes me. I lack inspiration and I find he Daily Prompts more confusing than inspiring lol
      Until I get a great brain fart I’ll just have to keep rambling on at the rubbish lol


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