Knock Knock!


There was this stupid game we used to play when we were younger, it was called Belfast Knock. I have no idea of it’s origins, or even if I am thinking of the right thing, but this was what it meant to us:

  • Run up to a random front door
  • Knock loudly
  • Run like f*ck!

It’s pretty easy right, and if you wanted to be very particular about the whole thing you could change the name to that of the town in which you reside.  I quite like the way Cloud Nine Knock runs off my tongue.

I remember one Halloween playing Belfast Knock whether I wanted to or not, as a failed attempt at trick or treating at the local youth hostel saw us staring down the barrel of a shotgun with the Northern Ireland version of “Ger orf my land” being bellowed. My knees knocked, there is a fair chance I left skid marks and I never went Trick or Treating ever again!

Belfast Knock is the kind of game you play up until a certain age. Once you reach your peak, you’ll slide into one of the following categories:

  • “Oh lets play something else, I can’t be bothered to run anymore.”
  • “You want me to leave my games console??”
  • “Wise up, what feckin age are you anyway”

I can assure you, this story has a point, although not a very exciting one.

There are times when the working day can seem quite long. I’d been looking at spreadsheets all afternoon and my eyes were starting to turn in and blend all the boxes into a foreign language that no one on this planet was ever going to understand. Deciding to stretch my legs I delivered some post and on the way back decided to play Belfast Knock on the door of my work mates office. His doorway is the first inside a corridor, and to get to it you have to go through a door frame.

I faced the door and prepared to knock. There were no signs of life inside, but still I rapped on the door with all my might. I stood for a minute or too thinking there was no one inside and then heard footsteps, panicked and thought, right, this is the run part, so I turned and ran straight into the other doorway almost knocking myself out in the process.

When my colleague opened the door he was a little bemused to see me standing there rubbing my arm babbling about playing Belfast Knock, and who can blame him. Next time I decide to re visit stupid games from my childhood I’m just going to slap myself and cut out all the crap in the middle!

What games did you like as a kid?

22 thoughts on “Knock Knock!

  1. Hah. This sounds fun (except for your recent foray). We did something similar only with the phone instead of doors. Just calling random people and speaking to them as if they should know you. Wouldn’t work these days with Caller I.D. and all that, but probably safer on the body than your game!


    • We had a version of that too. There would be about 5 people, the first 4 would ring this number and say Is john there and when the person said no, you would say, well tell him Belinda called or whatever the name they chose was. The fifth person, a guy obviously, would ring the same number and say, Hello John here, any messages for me lol


  2. Hahahahahahahah ohhhhh dear. Kinda reminds me of the time where I was in the bus depot and had just finished chatting to a driver through the window of his bus and then I turned and walked slap bang into the bus next to me. Ooops… lol


  3. Oh the same ! That is one of the games I remember from my childhood pretty well. One time I was at my friend’s house, we decided to roam around the neighborhood along with her cousins. We rang up bell of an Crazy lady’s house (Which we came to know AFTER we rang the bell), before we got very far, she was out of her house, cursing and caught one of my friend’s cousins. He got a good beating while we just stood there and laughed our asses off (I feel a little about about that now ). To this day we laugh like hell about this…Aaah good memories ! Thanks for making me feel nostalgic ^_^


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