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In the week or so when I didn’t feel like writing, or felt I had nothing to write about, I went wandering through blogsphere looking for inspiration. I came across the Daily Post writing challenge and thought, oh ello, I’ll have a bit of that. It’s been a long time since I have written any fiction, excluding May Dupp that is, she’s a law onto herself.

The challenge involved picking both a photograph and a first line, before letting your imagination take over and for some reason I wanted to use my character Polly Carmichael again.

It’s a big world out there. Those were the words engraved on the back of the compass.

Polly Carmichael sat on a wooden seat. The wooden seat was in front of a tall building that gave poor Polly a crick in her neck as she tried to count the floors for the umpteenth time.

Teddy sat beside Polly Carmichael on the wooden seat. He too had a crick in his neck from looking up at Polly, who was looking up at the building counting the floors for the umpteenth time.

Passers by looked at the strange combination of the young girl and her Teddy bear sitting on the wooden bench.

“Why are we here Polly?” asked Teddy.

“Because this is where the compass brought me” said Polly holding it towards Teddy so he could see.

That was as far as I got. For two days I wracked my brain trying to think of a punchline around which I could build my little story, but nothing came and I was disappointed, because although I am not too good at it, I quite enjoy penning some fiction.

That’s why I like the May Dupp site, I can craft a life around her that is infinitely more exciting than my own and make her do things that I would never dream of, although to be fair I would be afraid of making her bungee jump lest she broke a nail.

I used to like the Daily Prompt’s, but more often than not these days, I look at them and think what the feck is that all about. I used to love the ‘Okay What If’ weekly challenge, but time was a factor and it was difficult to enter every week.

Perhaps one day out of the blue I will just start to write little works of fiction again and we can all find out what happened to Polly and Teddy and the mysterious compass!

7 thoughts on “The write stuff…

  1. I haven’t written fiction in years. The last time I tried I just couldn’t do it. I find writing my odd non-fiction stuff more satisfying, but that’s a purely personal thing.


  2. Sometimes we just need a break – and you never know where inspiration will strike, or in what form. As for the WP DP — yeah, like WTF? Lately they have been -either completely dumb-ass, plain ole boring, or just how is this even supposed to be remotely interesting? But that’s just MHO


  3. I think perhaps your brain is just grappling with too many things right now. This is an EXCELLENT beginning..I would love to read the rest of this when you finish it! But really, think about what’s on your plate right now and then think about how this might just be inhibiting your creative flow…I mean really…there’s only so much one brain can do, you know? As for the DP issue….I seem to be having same issue in my club now that I’m removed from it and have more a normal existence…..I don’t know…perhaps prompts aren’t our thing, huh? Perhaps we don’t need someone telling us which direction to go in our creativity? Hmmm. Going to have to think on all this.


    • Perhaps we need to make our own prompts. It’s funny I never thought of writing Fiction until Jed challenged me too via his Okay what if? site. Now look I have to contend with May Dupp although she is relatively well behaved most of the time. Sometimes though I would just like to get my teeth into something a little different, although regardless of what it is, time is still going to be a factor.


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