In the Dark!

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Turn the fecking lights on, it’s dark in here!

Sometimes you want to write about things, other times you want to just bury your head in the sand and hope it all goes away. I sort of adopted a half and half approach to this particular funk, I didn’t want to write about it, but there was too much going on for me to walk to the beach to bury my head in the sand, so I stayed quiet and hoped it would disappear.

Sometimes I get cross and need to vent, you have no doubt experienced a few on here if you are a regular follower. Usually though when I get the funk I won’t write at all, mainly because I don’t like sympathy or comments. It’s hard to be funny all the time,  and it’s hard to maintain a smile for 8 hours a day when the reality is you just want to beat someone senseless with your shoe. For explanation purposes, I picked a shoe because beating someone with your handbag is such an old lady thing to do and I am feeling old enough as it is!

I’ve been so tired,  a combination of too many late nights, a more stressful job and an increased workload in the house. I find myself nodding off in the chair when I finally get to sit in it, which in turn makes me fall out with myself. I hate the idea of wasting the couple of precious hours I get to do my own things, like blogging, falling asleep in a chair.

I hadn’t had a day off for 6 weeks (excluding the weekends of course) so I booked a days leave on Friday because basically my hair looked like I had been playing with balloons and static electricity, I kid you not, it was so wild I half expected to find birds nesting in there. From the moment I stepped downstairs on Friday morning, the Mothership decided it was going to be another weekend of blowing up over stupid little things whether it be force feeding me out of date chicken before I had even had breakfast or a full on melt down over fucking wheelie bins, you name it, it irked her and I got caught in the crossfire. By 11am I was wishing I had gone to work.

When you’re already in a funk that shit doesn’t help, it’s mentally draining. By Saturday morning after at least 10 interruptions while I was trying to get some work done I was ready to jump out a window, backwards, because I did not want my body’s built in air bags to save me!

There is no escape from it. I used to love taking days off, now I dread it, but at the same time I need them.

Thing is though, it’s not just me in a funk, so many of you are feeling exactly the same way. I wonder what’s causing this general feeling oh mehness that hangs over us all like little rain clouds, is it something to do with the fact that Brussel Sprouts are out of season and we therefore have no fuel to blow the blues away?

It’s time to banish the meh, say goodbye to glum, dispense with the doldrums and get our happiness heads on. So for just 2.39 minutes crank up the volume and sing along with Little Voice, it’s time to Get Happy! :)

67 thoughts on “In the Dark!

  1. There is a huge case of Meh going around. I get you on the exhaustion and frustration, for sure.

    I say we all run away to a beach, then we can bury our heads in the sand someplace relaxing.



  2. I can entirely understand the day off work thing. I try very hard anymore not to let Mom and Josh know when I schedule a day off because if they know about it, they’ll line up all manner of things that I have to do for them. And really, when we take a day off, we do it to escape.

    My “meh” right now is coming from the time of year at work – August is our single busiest month of the entire calendar year. And it’s exhausting. I need a break, but I really won’t get one until the second week of September, and by then, my tech comm class will have started.



    • I think work is part of my problem too, it’s just constant and I always feel on edge because I am learning. Roll on the second week in September, we’ll try and fit a party in there somewhere before classes!


  3. I don’t know what it is, but I sure wish it would go away! I’m tired of being tired and tired of having to work so hard without any ME time. Am thinking I need to just schedule it in and to heck with the rest of the world!


  4. Oh, I so hear you! This is my happy place too, and yet, sometimes I want to have the interaction without actually doing anything. I have to actually type comments and posts? Geez! ;-)


  5. ” It’s hard to be funny all the time, and it’s hard to maintain a smile for 8 hours a day when the reality is you just want to beat someone senseless with your shoe.”
    I laughed at this :D You’re still funny! And it’s a feeling I can relate to.

    Sorry to hear you feel this way though :/ I wouldn’t know what you can do about it… I wish I could help! Maybe some virtual hugs?

    *virtual hugs*

    Let me know if it works ;)


  6. Urgh. I’m actually pretty okay, for me. I get the dumps in the spring (I know, for a plant person that makes little sense). I kinda like autumn – but I am already grieving for my sunshine and warmth.


  7. I’m slowly starting to crawl out of my funk. Starting to sleep better at night, which is what is helping me the most I think. I know what you mean, sometimes you just need a day off from everything. :)

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  8. Look to the stars Juls — and you will find your answers. I shit you not.

    In the meantime, from someone facing her own case of “mehs to I’m a raving fecking lunatic carrying an axe (screw the shoes) – I get it. I send you a hug or 3 (((((Juls)))) – and yeah, get out to the beach, kick off your shoes, and just walk it for awhile – tune in to the sea, and let your mind drift. As for the sprouts – they should be coming up right soon – and then you can blow to your heart’s content ;)

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