How Till Speak Norn Iron!

Norn Iron Speal
I’m reposting this for those that missed it first time round!
There are lots of different variations of all languages. I love how quickly people pick up little phrases after only speaking to me for a short period of time. I laughed my head off the first time Shady told me he was “Feckin knackered”.

Paul will berate me sometimes because he says people won’t understand some of the phrases and slang I use and Lee has to ask me to slow down, to be fair I do have a tendency to ramble.

So in an effort to make the whole thing a little easier I have compiled a list of some of the most popular phrases. Feel free to use it for translation if there is ever something in one of my posts you cannot understand. This is only a few of a vast array, I will no doubt think of others and have to add them at a later date.

A Rough Guide to Norn Iron Speak!







Yes it does mean an idiot in most cases, however if I said to you “You’re a fecking eejit”, I would mean it as in you’re a headcase, or a laugh. Idiot doesn’t necessarily mean stupid here, it can also mean funny!


Ach What About Ye.

Hello. How are you doing.





Catch Yerself On

Wise up.


Yer Having a laugh!

You cannot be serious.


Shut Yer Bake

Shut up or close your mouth. Bakebook = Facebook


Feck away aff!

Go away. Quickly.


Giz a buck at ye!

You look hot today. Would you like to come in for coffee.


Keepin Dick

Keeping a look out.


Away fer a feg!

I’m off to have a cigarette.


Alright Mucker

Hi mate



Eyes – “I cried my lamps out at that film”


C’mere wee lad

Come over here young man



Potatoes. “I need to get home and get the spuds on.


Yer Ma

Your Mother


Cheeky wee skitter!

Cheeky little imp


You’re heeds a marley

You’re not thinking clearly



Tired or worn out.



To. “I’m away till the shops”


The craic’s mighty / It’s great craic


It’s a good laugh. It’s great fun.

We say this with everything. Would you like a wee come of tea? Oh come in for a wee minute?

Comments welcome with variations of your own funny phrases!


15 thoughts on “How Till Speak Norn Iron!

  1. Took me a minute to figure out Norn Iron LOL

    I am fond of saying “feck” in certain situations, but I learned it from “Father Ted”. :-D

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  2. I’m also from the lovely Norn Iron and I have a few more for you:
    Wee- said infront of almost everything, but doesn’t actually mean that it is small. ‘Would you like a wee cuppa?’
    Fleg- the Belfast for Flag


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