A tiny bit of titivation!


Gentlemen I don’t want you to get excited here, titivation, I am sorry to tell you means to make decorative changes. I know how flustered some of you become at the mere mention of anything titi related!

So I’ve been feeling lately that my blog needs to grow up a little. I’ve already made minor changes to the fonts, but I guess the most noticeable would have to be the banner, which is not going anywhere, so any further changes I make will have to fit round it.

I bit the bullet and went for the custom design option, although I have to be truthful and say that the whole CSS thing is lost on me, I do however like the fact I can now change fonts, backgrounds and colours.

I’ve been road testing a few new themes and giving each one a new coat of paint as I go, but nothing feels like home yet, well certainly not as comfortable as the one in which I currently reside. Perhaps like me, my blog is not ready to grow up.

Watch this space!!


15 thoughts on “A tiny bit of titivation!

    • I’m a little disappointed because I thought there would be more fonts, but if you can use CSS the you’ll be better off than me. It is amazing though to see how colours change a theme that previously I would have discarded. So far I am happy enough with the purchase. I think I have narrowed it down to one theme, but I’ve run out of time. Bed calls and sadly so does work in the morning :(


  1. “I know how flustered some of you become at the mere mention of anything titi related!”

    I somehow feel that this was directed at me Juls…

    I like the changes. And with regard to CSS; I found that just typing your specific query into the many WP forums often provided the answer. Otherwise the support guys are bloody brilliant.


  2. Oooh I cringe at seeing ‘CSS’ appear here. I have to know everything about it for an upcoming exam, but I don’t.
    The whole point of it is to make it easier to change your lay out without it ‘harming’ your text.
    But I woulnd’t cal it that easy…


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