The time is near….


The last couple of days I’ve been working on my idea for my fictional character. I have a name, a banner and half of the first post done, so hopefully before too long you will be able to see it for yourselves.

I have a few people to thank though, without whom I would not have been able to get this random and probably ridiculous idea off the ground.

Lee from Geeky and Freaky who no matter how random my ideas are always supports and encourages me.

Paul from Nugs 321 who slags me off, but still manages to help with all my banner woes as he does. I find the pictures and he brings it all together with awesome text and details. If you need a new banner he can be contacted via his Facebook page HERE. He’s not too much of a diva and charges reasonable rates, unless like me you’re one of his best friends and he owes you a few favours! Ladies, he’s available and will offer discount if you flirt. Gentlemen, I don’t think that will work for you to be honest, but you’re welcome to try.

I had put out a request on my last post to see if anyone had some ideas for a name for this new creation of mine. I wanted to make sure that no one was in any doubt this was a fictional character so I was essentially looking for a name to reflect that. I had a couple of good suggestions, especially Belinda Loggins (Bloggins) from El Guapo and Fictitious Franz from Green Embers. However there was one, that for me stood out above all the rest because it perfectly summed up what I was trying to do. Steve from Steve Says.. came up with ‘May Dupp’, so simple yet so effective and it is the one I have chosen to use! Thanks to you all for your assistance and participation, and well done Steve :)

I spoke to Udders on Thursday too and informed her that there was a chance she would be my sidekick in a few posts. I challenged her to come up with a name for herself. After many colourul and some explicit suggestions which I had to reject on the basis that I like the G ish rating my blog has, she settled on the name Onda, as in Onda Pull. I may have rolled my eyes, but I also laughed.

So all the posts for the fictional May Dupp will have their own banner and there will be a new category for her also.

I can only wish that my life was as fabulous and exciting as hers will hopefully be….fingers crossed!

11 thoughts on “The time is near….

  1. Cheers, I am so proud! Just one thing though….do I need to be present at the birth? Bloody hope not, I’ve already watched a horror movie tonight already haha!


  2. May Dupp is off to a great start with an awesome name. Love it and wish I had thought of it. Looking forward to the exciting adventures.


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