Here comes 2014!

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When the mad rush of Christmas is all over and we lie around in our chairs unable to move due to the fact that we are stuffed to the gills with turkey and the brussel sprouts have not yet started to work their magic, thoughts will start to turn to the New Year and the hopes and dreams we wish for, neatly sold as resolutions.

When I kept diaries, every year I would faithfully write my wishes for the year ahead, everything I was going to do, achieve and how I was going to change and better myself. Unbeknownst to me, until I read them all back one after the other, was that they were all the same. Every year I was wishing and hoping for the same things and nothing was changing.

So this year, I’m not going to hope for anything or make any kind of wishes, I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens. I’m not going to wish away my anxiety and worry, instead I am going to keep an eye on them and if things don’t improve I am going to seek outside assistance in the form of some kind of medication.

I’m going to lose weight, if for nothing else, but the sake of my knees. I’ve been back to work almost a year since my accident and whilst I am much improved I am also beginning to realise that I am never going to be the same, so any assistance I can give my ailing joints will I am sure, be appreciated.

My before the end of year goal is actually relatively simple, I want to reach 200 followers on this blog. Now I know you will look and say but you have over that now, and yes I do, however if you take Facebook and Twitter out of the equation I don’t. I’d like to earn my little 200 followers badge, I only need 5 more people and I’m happy.

I love blogging, I’ve met some amazing people, tried things I never thought I would, written things I still can’t believe I did, and I’ve even researched and written a Haiku, and lets not forget the fact that I am possibly in the running for a date with the witty Office Inbetweener (click here for your chance to win). It’s been an eventful year. Let’s hope it is the first of many, I certainly didn’t think I would last as long as I have.

So never mind following the yellow brick road this Christmas,  follow me!

22 thoughts on “Here comes 2014!

  1. I never make resolutions per se. I do set a goal to try something new. Could be a new skill, or just go somewhere new or do something I haven’t done before, (hopefully a good or productive thing!)


  2. Wow, a week later and your sidebar thingy says you have 280! You’ve got Charrrasma!!! (Anyone?)

    Some time on the first, I’ll take a few moments to remember the year that was and think about what’s coming. No resolutions though.


  3. Lead on McEejit!


    Glad that you have decided to not resolve issues – other than to take a more active day to day approach. Best thing that. Changes happen slowly, over time – and it works best when doesn’t guilt oneself into trying to do it.

    So Happy 2014 – wishing you tons of health health health, happiness, fun, love, peace and yeah, prosperity too :)


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