Sucked into the Modern World

Laptop Overload - Smiffer
Image by: ilouque

Now I’m no technophobe, but neither will I be winning any awards for services of excellence in the field of information technology

I’m pretty much self taught at everything, from computers to games consoles to mobile phones. If there is something I don’t know, then I will make sure I am better prepared the next time that situation arises. If all else fails and one of my more knowledgeable counterparts is not to hand or for that matter to the other end of the phone, then I will refer to old faithful, the Internet.

For the six months or so that I have been blogging, the tools of my trade have been my trusty, albeit getting slower desktop, and my Nexus, which I purchased a little keyboard for. It’s great, but for blogging it’s small, fiddly sometimes and has a tendency to jump onto the floor. It’s also hard to balance when you’re on a train and have not been fortunate enough to sit at a a table.

With all this in mind I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a small laptop, just a baby one, small enough to carry, but big enough to type on without feeling I have sausages for fingers!

So it arrived, and I wasn’t overly excited, as in the 3 weeks it took for delivery I had almost talked myself out of the purchase and was tempted to send it back blaming the voices in my head for making me hit the buy button. It sat on the desk for almost two days before I opened it, but when I did, and I saw it, that little fecker called the ‘glimmer of excitement’ slapped me repeatedly about the face.

I was sensible enough to buy a touch screen laptop, I figured it would make the transition between my current Windows Vista to Windows 8 a lot smoother. Nope! For the first 2 hours or so, Windows 8 had me totally and utterly beat. It was about to take a one way ticket to Dumpsville on the end of my toe.

I took a walk, kicked a few things (no parents or live animals were harmed in the story behind this blog post), came back, looked at the laptop, kicked a few more things, counted to ten, picked up the laptop and sat down, with it on my lap, funnily enough.

It’s amazing the difference it makes when you look at something as an adult and not a temper tantrum throwing twat like I had been in the last 2 hours.

Clear thinking me had us onto Google and watching You tube videos, on the Windows website perusing the how to section, swishing, clicking and tickling the screen like Windows 8 and I had been the best of friends for years. Little Miss 4 T’s did try to raise her head a few more times, but counting to ten seems to be the ultimate weapon for keeping her at bay.

I’m not going to say it’s a match made in heaven, I can foresee many an uphill struggle in my journey with Pinguette (everything I own has a penguin type name….it’s better not to ask), but here’s hopeing she makes my blogging life just that little bit easier.

25 thoughts on “Sucked into the Modern World

  1. Great article! Do you think a touch screen laptop would work for me? I mean, Is there a touch screen laptop with an operating system close enough to Android to make the transition easier?


    • I wouldn’t recommend Windows 8, if you’re used to using Android. Not as many apps and things available.

      I still think the likes of a Google Nexus would be great for you. 7 inch tablet with the Android operating system, you’d have to check the compatibility of some of your apps, but most work fine. If you let me know which TTS you use I can see if we have it here and if its compatible with the tablet


      • I recently switched to the new Google text to speech TTS system. So far very good! I’m sure you are right, I should probably stick to Google products. Next time I go shopping I will try a 7-inch tablet… I need to make sure I can hold the tablet and all of my magnification while Operating it. Thanks! You are the best!


      • They can be quite weighty, however you can buy stands for them and also cases that include stands. Try one of those first and if that’s a no go we’ll research some more options :)
        Or if I get more used to Win 8 I can update you ;)


      • I did look at those but they don’t work off line as far as I can gather and then only storage is cloud based so he’d have nowhere to store his pictures and things. Pro’s are though that they boot up really fast!


    • I have to say I do love the touch screen element, mines only a little 10.1. Being used to the tablet I find it easier to swipe and stab as opposed to try and navigate the mouse using the way to sensitive touch pad lol


  2. Technology… I share your pain! I have spent hours and hours of my life being angry at computers, wondering why something wouldn’t work, promising myslef I’d take a carrier pigeon, and so on.
    Good luck with your new toy though! :)


  3. I hope it helps you blog easier. I can’t wait to get my iPad mini as currently I use my iPhone to blog when I commute and it’s quite tricky. Also, what is the four T’s ?


  4. Nice. I love my Windows 8.1 touchscreen laptop; did you upgrade yours to 8.1 yet? I think that makes the transition easier since they added the start button back and made the desktop a little easier to use. Since my go-to tools are Word and Excel and they only work in desktop mode, my desktop must be there!


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