Queen of the Indie Eejie Islands!

The Harpy Eagle

The first thing I thought of when Jed posted this challenge on Sunday was the song ‘I wanna be like you’ from the Jungle Book. It’s been stuck in my head ever since bursting forth from my mouth on several occasions.

I liked the idea of being some sort of ape / monkey like creature, swinging from branch to branch, eating banana’s and generally monkeying around, but I figured that all that strenuous activity would take it’s tole on my arms and the banana’s would bind me up. Kinda crap (literally) when you’re swinging from branches, having fun and you’re hit with the sudden urge to visit a rest room, or the Pee Pee Le Poo Palace as it would be called in the jungle!

So I had a rethink, and decided that I would want to fly. Imagine being able to soar high above the treetops, a real birds eye view of the world below.

I pondered which bird I would want to be. There’s the Toucan which used to feature on old Guinness post cards, that could be a good choice, but nay I thought to myself, that would turn me into a bad Queen. If anyone were to disrespect my realm, I would be worried that I would don the catchphrase ‘Toucan play at that game’, before dishing out a fitting punishment. Back to the drawing board.

Image Courtesy of The Advertising Archives
Oooo, Toucan play at that game alright it seems!

A few others were researched and disregarded, including the parrot…including the parrot. You can see why I decided against it. You can see why…..ok ok we get the idea!

I figured that if I was to be the ruler of my domain then I needed to be something fairly majestic, so I Googled eagles, and there it was, The Harpy Eagle.

According to a very reputable source (ahem Wikipedia) this species of bird was the inspiration behind the design of Fawkes the Phoenix in the Harry Potter films. What more proof did I need that I had made the right choice.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you, the ruler of The Indie Eejie Islands, The Harpy Eejity Eagle!

Be nice, behave and most of all be wary, or I will punish you with le poop on le head!


Inspired by this weeks ‘Okay, What if?’ writing challenge! There is still time to put your own spin on it!


23 thoughts on “Queen of the Indie Eejie Islands!

  1. roflmao —- oh you do so have a turn of phrase and words “The Harpy Eejity Eagle!” Love the islands and will most definitely be handing over *my* crown upon arrival! Cheers and great post! :)


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