Billy & Seamus: Work Experience Day

B&S BannerIn an attempt to increase his skills and get Seamus back into work, the dole office send him on a one day work experience to an office supplies company.

Later in the pub the lads are discussing the days events.

Billy: Well Seamus how did you get on the day then?

Seamus: Aye, no to bad, the craic was mighty. The boss was a bit of an eejit tho.

Billy: How so?

Seamus: Well,  here be’s me to the boss, where do you want this 6 metre roll of bubble wrap.

Billy: Right?

Seamus: ‘An he says pop it over there in the corner. It took me four feckin hours!!

NB: Many thanks to Fiona McK who texted me this gem last night, I had to pad it out a little but the punchline had me literally laughing my ass off! She gets the credit for this one :)

6 thoughts on “Billy & Seamus: Work Experience Day

  1. Hahahahahah toooo funny. Reminds me a bit of a cleaner we had in the office Iworked in at the bus depot once. He was a pommy bloke. He was emptying the trash and said to me “how’s ye bin?” I looked at him and said “I’m doin great, thanks for asking”… then I realised that all he wanted was my rubbish…. HAHAHA.


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