The Joys of Modern Travel Part 3!

I’m blogging from the train. Not because I have anything to say, but because I can.

I’m availing of Translink’s free Wifi! As I said in a previous post it is a marvellous invention. In effect the train becomes a hotspot, affording you the opportunity to game, check emails or read the news, or in my case, write a load of oul crap!!

I was able to turn my Google Nexus into a poor mans version of a netbook thanks to the purchase of a 13 quid keyboard from Ebay! I would have written the pound sign but for the fact that the keyboard obviously originated from the States and it’s only currrency symbol is $, ffs minor blimp on the keyboard heaven horizon!

I shall apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes, the keyboard is clearly designed for people with slender fingers, not big fat sausage ones like mine! To help your imagination I resemble a Hippo hammering a handheld, but it works and with clever use of the back button, arrow keys and the delete button I have faith the post will at least be legible.

The table seat I am sitting at is also extremely useful. I quickly found out I am not a master of the balancing on the bag act. Everything goes a little lop sided until it eventually hits the floor!!

Note to self, always find table!!

Today I am indeed benefitting from the Joys of Modern Travel!!

Time to get off, must dash!

Entertain the Eejit!

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