Ach what about ye!

Oh look a new blog!! Not had one of these before….well ok, maybe I have!

I like the idea of it, having somewhere to write. I’m all new fangled for a while and then life starts to get in the way and I seem to have less and less time…then I forget to post, get annoyed at myself for not posting and before you know it weeks and months have passed!

I am not going to make random promises I will update this on a regular basis. I’m good at making promises but shite at sticking to them, not intentionally of course!

I wasn’t even going to write today but every time I  messaged my mate Paul today he sent back “You could blog about that!”. I don’t find it necessary to blog about all the little details of my life, perhaps that why I am so rubbish at it! I don’t want to be like those people I detest on Facebook who are updating every 5 minutes with the minor details of their lives!

For example:

1. I am going to the toilet.

2. I have checked for toilet roll.

3. I have taken approximately 2 squares of toilet paper into my hand.

4. I am now proceeding to wang one out.

Ok, I have to be honest that’s never been put on Facebook by anyone, well not anyone from my friends list anyway. That’s actually Paul preparing his “Blogging while I am Logging”  post. Yep that’s what he wanted to call it. Personally I though my “Shite as I Write” was much better, but what do I know!

Ok Paul, get off my back! First post is up and it’s so cack no one will want to see more.

Job done! I don’t have to feel guilty about not ever posting again. Result :)

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