I’ll never make a million!

Making RoomPerhaps I am too nice to Ebay, there is no doubt I am too soft, but I like to know that all my unloved possessions are going to a good home and are well wrapped up for the journey to their new owners.

I have amassed an unbelievable amount of shite clutter, in my years on this planet, but now I am getting older I feel that I want to move to a more minimalistic style of living, mainly because I can’t be bothered having to lift ten million things before I dust a shelf.

I gathered together a few items and stuck them on Ebay, all auctions ending around 9 – 10pm on Sunday past. It was a strange little bunch of things, that included a bra, a lighter, CD’s and a watch.

Listing is pretty straight forward. With the bra I was fairly lucky as I was able to put it in two categories at the same time. Lingerie > Bra and Knicker Sets and also Miscellanea > Makeshift Parachutes. In the end a lovely lady who was perusing the lingerie section purchased the bra. I wrapped it in pink tissue paper, and wrote a thank you note which said, “Thank you for your purchase, I hope you find it uplifting!” I sure hope she has a sense of humour because I have only had positive feed back up until now.

Dear Geeky G4mer

I came across your item in the Makeshift parachute section. Whilst at this time I feel I have no need for a parachute, I was wondering if you think it would be any good for carrying boulders?

Dear Ivannapurchase

I think it would make a fine “Over the shoulder, boulder holder”. I can’t believe no one has thought of that before!!

Likewise, the ladies diamond lighter was also adorned with pink tissue paper and accompanied by a little note that said, “Thank you for your purchase, I hope you find it illuminating!”

Sometimes the lovely feedback you receive can make the boring task of packaging parcels whilst sticking your lips to the sellotape all worthwhile;

Dear Geeky G4mer

Thank you so much for your great communication and being such a lovely seller. If only there were more like you!
Have a great day :)

It’s nice to be nice, especially to your customers. They are after all the people who are now storing your crap allowing you to live the minimalistic life you always dreamed about, and besides, things go in cycles, so in another couple of years you can just go ahead and buy it right back!

So, you were taking the piss!

There was rejoicing in the Isle of Eejits!

It doesn’t happen that often, in fact I could count the times it has happened on two hands and one foot. Due to the rarity of it’s nature I wanted to share this momentous occasion with you all, and let you know that…..I WAS RIGHT!!!

For anyone who does not have a clue what I am wittering on about, may I please refer you to my previous post entitled ‘You are taking the piss’ in which I had a mini meltdown, right good old rant, discussion about the postage rates being charged by Ebay sellers on the UK mainland. I was so incensed by the extra £20 postage fee, that I felt compelled to send a message to the seller;

Out of interest can I ask why someone like myself from Northern Ireland has to pay an additional £20 for postage, when it costs exactly the same for you to send a parcel to your next door neighbor as it would to me here if using Royal Mail?

I didn’t expect a reply and had actually forgotten I had sent the message in the first place. After blogging my displeasure I had obviously found some kind of inner peace with regards to the whole situation! So you can imagine my surprise when a notification tone alerted me to the fact that I had received a message from the seller!

Only for the fact that it makes it a little awkward to use the mouse, I was ready to don boxing gloves and fight to the end of the auction for my right to purchase the CD boxes and NOT pay postage! I was incensed all over again, ready for a war. I located the message and clicked open;

Dear Geeky G4mer,
Sorry thats on that listing by mistake,,, as you quite rightly say its free!

Wait, what!! That’s it? I was like a balloon someone had just stabbed with a huge pin, de fecking flated, there was to be no war of words today! It was a shallow victory!

I didn’t even want the item, I mean what am I going to do with 50 CD postage boxes!

Note to self: Buy Rescue remedy for mini meltdown situations!

You are taking the piss!!

How the UK mainland thinks we get our post delivered!

I’m irritated, annoyed, a little bit cross, and if I had two good legs I would kick something!

I have completely thrown my teddies out of the proverbial pram!

For anyone that doesn’t already know, I live in Northern Ireland, Strawberry Quicksand excluded, she thinks I live in Scotland, but to be fair she is a bit of an eejit :) So to continue the lesson, Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Bear with me here, I promise I have a point!

I’ve been selling some of my old CD’s on Ebay as I rarely listen to them these days. More often that not I buy my music digitally and listen to it on the Ipod via a docking station.

CD’s are not worth much, in fact things seem to have gone full circle and vinyl is now back in favour and fetching a tidy sum for it’s sellers.

Posting either of these two items requires sturdy packaging, so to ensure my items arrive with the buyers in tip top condition,  I decided to have a look at postage boxes.

The first couple of listings I happened across did not offer postage to Northern Ireland, that’s fair enough, especially if you are delivering by courier. Then I came across another listing, in which the seller offered Free economy delivery, which according to the blurb was provided by Royal Mail, however further down the description for the item it stated:

Customers in Northern Ireland & Ireland, please add £20 for carriage.

WTF!! I mean really….Ireland fair enough is classed as being part of Europe and therefore incurs Airmail rates, but we are classed as part of the UK and therefore fall under the same Royal Mail postage rates as the seller! I took a few deep breaths, composed a question, and sent it while giving my departing message the middle finger. So now I wait for the reply, and there may well be a very good explanation, but surely you see why I am a tad irked!!


Out of interest can I ask why someone like myself from Northern Ireland has to pay an additional £20 for postage, when it costs exactly the same for you to send a parcel to your next door neighbor as it would to me here if using Royal Mail?

I mean ffs, it would be fecking cheaper for me to move into the house next door! Money grabbing gits!

Making room!

Making RoomI have a cupboard in my room which contains two shelves of basically nothing.

Old padded envelopes, empty CD cases, packing tape, labels and other things that need to be put onto Ebay.

A few years back I decided I needed to de clutter, basically I was passing my prized possessions on to someone who would now have more use for them. You have to be ruthless, because sometimes you want to hold onto things  for the memories they hold for you.

Last night I sold two live albums I had for the band the Eels. I didn’t want to let them go, but I need the money for other things and realistically it had been a while since I listened to them, so I figured it was time to give someone else a chance.

Ebaying has got expensive. While I was happy with what the CD’s sold for, by the time I paid my fees, lost the commission Paypal take and paid postage I lost about £7 from the final price. That said it is still more than I would have got had I used one of the online retailers.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion I am a minimalist. I dislike clutter. I want to be in a position where everything is in it’s place and there is a place for everything. Which means more Ebay’ing I guess. But all of that is time consuming and with Alien leg still under par, irksome, as the nearest post office to my work is about a mile away down a long hill.

It’ll be a long haul, but it will be worth it. I just need to be careful I don’t use the money to buy more clutter to fill my emptying shelves.

PS. Time to Sping Clean

6789942482_c9817d7d95I really need to Spring Clean!

I’ve been saying it for almost a year now, especially with being off with alien leg, I had the perfect opportunity, but as usual I never got around to it.

I have a whole cupboard that has no available space at all due to the fact that it is crammed with stuff I meant to put on Ebay. Some of it has been there so long I’d probably be better trying Antiques Roadshow.

I’ve also decided that it’s time to get rid of my old PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. I have to face the fact that I am not going to play them anymore. I had always entertained the vain hope of buying a second hand PS2 and rekindling my love, but the truth is I just don’t have the time. It’s better to pass them on to someone who will get enjoyment from them.

It’s definitely an odd little collection of games. Most of them I have not even played. I guess my most prized possessions of them all have to be Shadow Hearts and ICO. 256px-Ico_cover_-_EU+JP

I searched long and hard for them both as by the time I had been made aware of their existence they were both already rare. ICO I pretty much gave up on completely, the £60 used price was a little over budget even for an enthusiast. One day in a game shop I asked if by chance they had any used copies and was informed by the sales clerk the game was to be re released. This was in 2006. ICO was the first game to actually take my breath away graphically, it was love at first sight.

Shadow Hearts proved a lot more difficult, it also had a hefty second hand price tag that I could not justify. It took a lot of auction watching, bidding and middle of the night auctions before I was actually lucky enough to pick up a copy. Then as luck would have it I ended up with two almost at the same time.  51W60BYZSBL

Other games I have loved and collected include the original Bubble Bobble ft Rainbow Islands for the PS1, I lost count of the number of hours that kept us entertained until we finally reached the end.

Pandemonium was another one, a quirky and colourful platformer.

The list goes on……

It’s sad to have to get rid of them, but times move on. There is no point in them sitting here gathering dust while someone else could be playing them.

It’s kinda like saying goodbye to little members of your family though, they have kept me company and entertained for such a long time!