I’ll never make a million!

Making RoomPerhaps I am too nice to Ebay, there is no doubt I am too soft, but I like to know that all my unloved possessions are going to a good home and are well wrapped up for the journey to their new owners.

I have amassed an unbelievable amount of shite clutter, in my years on this planet, but now I am getting older I feel that I want to move to a more minimalistic style of living, mainly because I can’t be bothered having to lift ten million things before I dust a shelf.

I gathered together a few items and stuck them on Ebay, all auctions ending around 9 – 10pm on Sunday past. It was a strange little bunch of things, that included a bra, a lighter, CD’s and a watch.

Listing is pretty straight forward. With the bra I was fairly lucky as I was able to put it in two categories at the same time. Lingerie > Bra and Knicker Sets and also Miscellanea > Makeshift Parachutes. In the end a lovely lady who was perusing the lingerie section purchased the bra. I wrapped it in pink tissue paper, and wrote a thank you note which said, “Thank you for your purchase, I hope you find it uplifting!” I sure hope she has a sense of humour because I have only had positive feed back up until now.

Dear Geeky G4mer

I came across your item in the Makeshift parachute section. Whilst at this time I feel I have no need for a parachute, I was wondering if you think it would be any good for carrying boulders?

Dear Ivannapurchase

I think it would make a fine “Over the shoulder, boulder holder”. I can’t believe no one has thought of that before!!

Likewise, the ladies diamond lighter was also adorned with pink tissue paper and accompanied by a little note that said, “Thank you for your purchase, I hope you find it illuminating!”

Sometimes the lovely feedback you receive can make the boring task of packaging parcels whilst sticking your lips to the sellotape all worthwhile;

Dear Geeky G4mer

Thank you so much for your great communication and being such a lovely seller. If only there were more like you!
Have a great day :)

It’s nice to be nice, especially to your customers. They are after all the people who are now storing your crap allowing you to live the minimalistic life you always dreamed about, and besides, things go in cycles, so in another couple of years you can just go ahead and buy it right back!

6 thoughts on “I’ll never make a million!

  1. Hahaha I do the same things!
    I have my grocery shopping delivered at the moment, and I always write funny notes to the driver/pickers. I just imagine them having a really mundane day at work, and hope I crack a smile.
    It’s nice to be nice just for the sake of it :) x


  2. Don’t mention delivery drivers to me MissRhiosace, they are all psychotic in their own little way, and if you don’t believe me, check my post about Koreans and obesity!


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