You are taking the piss!!

How the UK mainland thinks we get our post delivered!

I’m irritated, annoyed, a little bit cross, and if I had two good legs I would kick something!

I have completely thrown my teddies out of the proverbial pram!

For anyone that doesn’t already know, I live in Northern Ireland, Strawberry Quicksand excluded, she thinks I live in Scotland, but to be fair she is a bit of an eejit :) So to continue the lesson, Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Bear with me here, I promise I have a point!

I’ve been selling some of my old CD’s on Ebay as I rarely listen to them these days. More often that not I buy my music digitally and listen to it on the Ipod via a docking station.

CD’s are not worth much, in fact things seem to have gone full circle and vinyl is now back in favour and fetching a tidy sum for it’s sellers.

Posting either of these two items requires sturdy packaging, so to ensure my items arrive with the buyers in tip top condition,  I decided to have a look at postage boxes.

The first couple of listings I happened across did not offer postage to Northern Ireland, that’s fair enough, especially if you are delivering by courier. Then I came across another listing, in which the seller offered Free economy delivery, which according to the blurb was provided by Royal Mail, however further down the description for the item it stated:

Customers in Northern Ireland & Ireland, please add £20 for carriage.

WTF!! I mean really….Ireland fair enough is classed as being part of Europe and therefore incurs Airmail rates, but we are classed as part of the UK and therefore fall under the same Royal Mail postage rates as the seller! I took a few deep breaths, composed a question, and sent it while giving my departing message the middle finger. So now I wait for the reply, and there may well be a very good explanation, but surely you see why I am a tad irked!!


Out of interest can I ask why someone like myself from Northern Ireland has to pay an additional £20 for postage, when it costs exactly the same for you to send a parcel to your next door neighbor as it would to me here if using Royal Mail?

I mean ffs, it would be fecking cheaper for me to move into the house next door! Money grabbing gits!

2 thoughts on “You are taking the piss!!

  1. I have a half-Irish friend who wishes that Northern Ireland was ‘properly Irish’ – as in not part of the UK. :P I guess he doesn’t understand the consequences. I feel sorry for you, hopefully the Royal Mail sort this out soon.


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