Dear Reader,

I can only assume that if you have landed here, your spaceship either got lost in the fog or broke down and the Alien AA refused to lift you as your policy did not extend to intergalactic cover! Life sucks sometimes doesn’t it!

I however am glad you stopped by. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable for the entire duration of your stay. Refreshments can be provided on request. On second thoughts, I’ve left some plastic cups and directions to the nearest tap, help yourself!

My name is The Indecisive Eejit aka Julie or Juls to my friends. I’m in my early 50’s. My body seems to have accepted this fact, however my brain seems to be in denial, it still thinks it’s 21.

There is nothing flash or exciting about me, I’m just an average Juls.

It’s unlikely you will want to mull over the inner musings of my mind, I mean let’s face it, we’ve already established you arrived here by accident, but I’ve decided to jot them down anyway. It will be a good reminder for me, and something for you to do if you ever find yourself bored and at a loose end!

If you have made it this far without nodding off then I am extremely grateful.

If you want to wander around the rest I’d be honoured.

If you’d like to leave a paw print even better still, I have found a lot of the blogs I follow that way.

If you think at some later date you may wish to return then hit the follow button and I will ensure the porch light is always left on.

If you just want to get into your ship and bugger off then I appreciate you stopping by, even if it was just by accident and I wish you and your ship a safe journey.

The Indecisive Eejit :)

All opinions expressed are my own and all writings unless otherwise stated are ©theindecisiveeejit2022

(Images – Please note that most of the images on this site, unless drawn by me or in cartoon format (Bitstrips) are found via the Creative Commons search. It was brought to my attention recently however that some images,  whilst appearing in the search are not necessarily royalty free as someone could have previously downloaded then re uploaded them. If you see an imagine on this site that you feel should not be here, please contact me to let me know and I will remove it immediately.)


149 thoughts on “About

  1. It seems eerie that I found this Eejit blog through her encountering my EEEASIER SAID THAN SUNG post on my blog, but I’m enraptured beyond ecstasy that it happened (only a slight exaggeration). Love your writing, and I thank you for the LIKE which led me here. Enough said (for now).

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  2. Received email about your new post but when I tried to open your page came up but message post not available. Wanted to let you know and this only way I could think of reaching you. Your post isn’t in my “followed sites” on WordPress either.

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  3. Hello my friend – this is Joe (formerly known as technophile9 if you can remember my old blog coatechnophile.wordpress.com!) It’s been a while since we’ve last spoken but I still remember when you, me and a third blogger whose name escapes me would trade music recommendations on The Music Bubble. I still follow you on Spotify so I’ve thought of you from time to time but thought it would be nice to check in and say thank you! I won’t clog up your About page with an essay but I just wanted to say three things.

    1) Even if I don’t write on my old blog anymore, I’m still writing! I probably would have always loved writing haha, but given that WordPress was the first time I wrote anything that people actually read, I do think my current confidence stems at least partially from the encouragement your comments gave me at a formative time in my life.

    2) Recently I put on an album exchange where, long story short, anyone could put forward an album and I’d match them with other strangers who put forward similar albums. Most of my matches expectedly fizzled, but I ended up matching together two friends who started out by talking about music and are now in a fully-fledged relationship! I was thinking the other day that I might never have thought of the idea of an album exchange if not for you guys – even if it was never a conscious inspiration, it must have seeped into the back of my brain haha. You can potentially draw a straight line between us exchanging songs every week and an actual, real-life couple existing. That’s maybe a bit of a reach, but crazy how small acts of kindness can ripple out, eh?

    3) I read your recent posts about lockdown and your health and was really sad to hear you’ve had a tough couple years what with the gallstones and Covid. First of all, I hope you’re doing better! Second of all, I hope you know how much of a positive impact you have already had on the world – or if “the world” sounds a bit lofty, on the people you have met or interacted with. I knew you when I was twelve and now I’m at university, which is a mind-boggling amount of time haha – back when you were the Geeky Gamer! But I still remember how cool it was for me, as an introverted kid, to have internet friends of varying ages and nationalities who would talk to me about music and compliment me on my writing. I’m honoured that you were one of them, and I thought you should know that, 8 years later, I still think fondly of your kindness and your constancy.

    All the best and do let me know how you’re doing!


    • Oh Joe, it’s so very lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words, I think this week that was something I needed to hear that I have made a positive impact somewhere, so thank you for taking the time to write them.

      I can’t believe that so much time has passed, where did it go. The third blogger was Ndofrman, I still following both of you on Spotify and I loved those exchanges. You guys without a doubt broadened my music horizons. I can’t believe two of your friends are in a relationship because of music exchange, but those are the kind of stories I like to hear, will you perhaps mention it at a speech at their wedding should they make it that far!! :)

      You’re in university now, wow, I’m so proud of you , but then I always knew that sensed, even way back then that you were wise beyond your years. You’ll go far young man!

      I’m doing ok, yes the health issues aren’t great, but hopefully with time they will all get sorted, fingers crossed. Apart from that life goes on as normal, I don’t write as much as I would like to, but I still pop in and drop a post every now an again.

      Honestly, it’s been so good to hear from you, don’t be a stranger :)

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      • This is horribly late but I’m so glad you enjoyed the comment! Thanks for reminding me of the other blogger’s name, that definitely rings a bell. And of course, if they ever get married I will definitely be giving the speech, seeing as I sort of set them up hehe.
        Thank you so much for your kind words, we may be internet strangers but to hear that you’re proud of me has honestly made my day, even if we have never actually met. I’m glad that life goes on for you, and remember that you’re pretty wise yourself, you should be very proud of yourself too! I’m a very scatterbrained person (hence this late reply haha) but I will try to remember to pop by every now and then! I also now have uni friends who live in Belfast – I visited last summer and loved it, so if I ever go back I’ll be sure to let you know!


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