Almost the weekend

I’m sitting here staring out of the train window into the greyness outside. It’s getting dark so early these days, a sure sign that winter is on the way.

Where has this year gone, it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. Halloween approaches and already I have almost jumped out my skin with the cracks and bangs of nearby fireworks.

Shops have started to fill their shelves with all that glitters for Christmas. If you’re interested you’ll find that aisle right after the one with the cackling witches and bloody sculls that await to scare the bejeezus out of some poor wee trick or treater.

Right after Christmas we’ll be reminded of Easter with the timely arrival of Cadburys Creme Eggs… fecking January. Is it any wonder we have no idea where the 365 days in a year go.

Me, I’m just looking forward to Friday.

28 thoughts on “Almost the weekend

  1. Yesterday I was wandering through a forest of Christmas trees (decorated and undecorated, “flocked” or not, and artificial every one.) Holiday after holiday, and I even have my birthday crammed in this extended holiday joy-fest! I agree that time has flown by–it’s relative they tell me. Is January far behind?

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  2. As they say Juls time flies when you are having fun. I find it doesn’t help when you get over one festive season and they hit you straight away with the next one. Good to see you again, take care and get ready for the Christmas season.


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