An Awful Autumn


‘There’s another one” Polly shouted at Teddy, are we going to make it to him in time?”

Teddy looked right and then left noting the water that was now flowing freely down the hill essentially cutting them off from the boy before them.

“I don’t think so Polly, I don’t think so. Besides it looks like it has already started.”

Stopping just at the edge of the water Polly watched as the boy clutched at his stomach. It was almost like he knew what was coming as he looked towards the building, where not five minutes before his friends had stood. Now, they flipped and rustled in the wind, having turned into something forever autumnal.

“My Mum said everyone ‘leaves’ eventually, I just didn’t know this was what she meant” said the boy before joining his friends.


Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge – Word count 137

25 thoughts on “An Awful Autumn

  1. Well, that was horrible. I don’t mean the writing, but what happened to the children. I almost ending my own wee story tragically, but I didn’t have the heart.


  2. Begging your difference – you are far clever than you know or believe. :)

    Great word play and story …. flash to boot?! And more importantly, glad to see you stepping back into prompt land and letting some creative ideas see the light :) That’s a good thing – to be able to just relax and play :)


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