He Won’t, So I Will


I rarely check the Daily Post Prompts these days, but for once, being almost caught up on my reading, I did.

I think right now it’s quite apt, so I’m going to go ahead and complete the challenge, which is:

Right To Brag – Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

Have I ever told you about my best friend Lee? I know for sure I have mentioned him in posts before, but have I ever sat down to tell you about him and how amazing he is.

When people look at you like you are crazy and tell you that friendships cannot be formed with people you meet on the Internet, I’d like you to politely inform them that they are talking bollox!

Lee and I met on the Internet and have been friends for over a decade yet we have never met in person. It will happen someday, hopefully soon, but we have no less of a friendship because to date it has not happened.

Lee’s been with me through some of both the best and worst moments of my life. He’s resisted the temptation to tell me to eff off on many occasions when I was doing his head in and on other occasions wound me up so much that I was floating just below the ceiling. He gets me, and bless him, puts up with me.

He’s been through quite a lot of hardship himself over the last few years, but the thing is, he will always put others first. You have to trust me when I tell you that I am just one of a very long list of people who have love and admiration for this fellow.

When you have a big heart, you need a big body to hold it, couple that with suffering with Lymphedema of the legs and it makes it hard to shed any excess weight that you accumulate. It’s a battle in itself, but one that Lee took on head first when he decided to check out his options for a Gastric Bypass. There are people who will be judgmental and perhaps say this is the easy option for someone who suffers from weight problems, but they would be wrong. Both mentally and physically it is an uphill battle.

In order  to be considered for the surgery Lee had to start his weight loss journey on his own and mentally prepare himself. When you have a friendship with food, it is not easy to sever ties, but through dogged determination, Lee did everything that was asked of him and then some, shedding over and above what he had been asked, and securing his place for surgery.

On Tuesday the 21st July, Lee had his Gastric Bypass and started a new chapter of his life.

It’s not going to be easy for him, he knows this, but I hope he also knows that all of his friends are behind him every step of the way. He’s worked hard to make it to this point and the hard work will have to continue, but he’s determined and I have every faith that he will make it.

I hope that now you can see for yourself why my best friend is in fact amazing and when I tell you that to date his total weight loss is a whopping 17st, you will understand why I am so unabashedly proud of him!

If you wish to follow Lee’s journey you can do so here on The Fat Mans Blog

39 thoughts on “He Won’t, So I Will

  1. I love this! Very inspiring. I have many friends I’ve made through Facebook and World of Warcraft. Aside from those that are old time friends of the family and family in general, there’s a comforting bond I have with those I’ve met online. I’d trust them with my life. :)


  2. Its people like you Juls who will help and assist Lee in so many ways as he goes on this very brave journey. I am sure he will treasure your friendship always. Hang in there with him…


  3. I read your friend’s blog. Good for him!!! Remarkable difference already. I’m glad he has you for a friend and it looks like others are supporting him as well. Can’t wait to watch his progress. I’ve been dieting since June 8 and have lost 28 lbs…which is nothing next to his losses! I’ proud of him and I don’t even know him!!!


    • 28lbs is also a fantastic achievement. I really need to lost some weight, but I just find it so hard. Like Lee was before all this, I am a comfort eater and old habits are hard to break.
      Keep on with your amazing achievement, because it is no small feat :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I keep losing the same 80 lbs. over and over. This time I am determined to keep it off. An hour of exercise in the pool every day definitely helps. Aerobics are so much easier in the buoyancy of water! If you haven’t tried them and have access to a pool, I recommend it, Eejit! ( Is that Eejit as in idiot? Forgive me for using your pet term for yourself…don’t mean to sling stones.)


  4. He sounds like an amazing guy – I’ll pop over to his blog. And you’re right, just because you haven’t met people IRL – yet- doesn’t make them any less real :-)


  5. Hi Juls :D It’s great that you have such a long term internet friend. My internet friends, in spam, want to give me millions of dollars, but never send me the money *sigh*
    Do you draw the cartoons yourself ? Or are they photos of you ? :roll: xox <3


  6. I might be missing something here, but can you explain the comic panel above? All I hear is that ninja/Matrix music (which I am sure the Simpsons used at least once) and see you pulling off some crazy gymnastics to dodge that guy.


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