A Miniature Update!

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I haven’t used the breaking news picture for a while, it has no bearing on this post, but I liked it, so thought I would resurrect it. Sadly, there is no breaking news, you can pick your coffee cup back up.

I had a head full of plans for the weekend, the latter half of the week had passed uneventfully and although the vision of my weekend was slightly clouded by housework, I intended to fit some writing and GTA in there somewhere too. It all started well as by 8pm on Friday night most things were done and I was just finishing off the last of my tasks while mentally planning what I was going to spend my free time on, when I fell out the back door. How random right, I have no idea how I fell, did Alien Leg give way, did I slide on something, did my foot catch? who knows, but I tipped forwards out the back door and still somehow managed to land flat on my ass, thank feck it’s cushioned. The poor Fathership, he has no idea how I fell either, but I think he was about two farts away from shitting himself.

Somehow on the way down, in the moments between standing and slump I managed to scrape my elbow against the wall and also jarred my already damaged knee. I think that’s what concerned me the most, I was heart scared that perhaps I had managed to remove my tendon from my kneecap for a second time and sat for a little while cradling myself and praying this was not the case. Eventually I moved myself back, up onto the step and then hauled myself up, flexing my leg and walking. It hurt, but it seemed to be functioning correctly so I heaved a sigh of relief, lamented the loss of a layer of skin from my elbow and went on with the dishes. I babbled a little incoherently for a while, the Fathership informed me I was possibly in shock.

I didn’t move for much of the rest of the night after that, I know my knee well enough to let it rest and by this time it had started to swell. The weird thing is though, that when I was up and moving around later I realised my knee was no longer grinding, the grimace inducing grating of bones had temporarily disappeared, sadly the pain hadn’t. It’s weird isn’t it, that I was wishing the thing that has caused me concern and pain for the last three years would return.

So I’m hoping that perhaps when I jarred said knee I broke some scar tissue, which in the long run might give me some relief. It may also just be a simple case of the swelling causing temporary disappearance. Regardless, apart from a few scrapes, aches and a bruise on my butt I’m grand, if perhaps a little unsure on my feet again.

In other news, a theme was finally released that I like, taadaaaa, what do you think? I tinkered with it for a while before publishing and just this evening Paul sent me a new banner! Isn’t it great. I think that’s me happy again for a little while, but they don’t call me indecisive for nothing you know, so watch this space!

So that was my eventful weekend, how was yours?

62 thoughts on “A Miniature Update!

  1. I thought you had a new banner ! Looks great !
    Sorry to read about your fall out of the back door. Lucky you ! It’s bad, but could have been a lot worse. Keep your front door closed my friend. :D <3


  2. Your banner looks great! Your blog has a great look to it!
    Hey! Be careful! Your accident sounds like the kind that happens when a person is distracted. Have you ever started off on a destination and been so distracted that when you arrived at your destination you couldn’t remember how you got there or anything that happened during your trip? Be careful and try not to work so hard.😷
    ^^ DR Buffalo Tom Peabody


    • Why thank you Dr BTP on both counts. I was definitely distracted the first time I injured my leg. Yes I have experienced that, although the one that scares me more is walking into a room and forgetting what I went in there for in the first place lol I think it’s call old age, or at least I hope it is and I am not going down the same route as the Mothership!

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  3. Very much like your new theme. Awfully sorry about your fall, though! Do hope you heal up quick and with no further issue! Weekend here was spent diving headlong into another home improvement nightmare project and entertaining visitors…..am ready for a break!


  4. Ach! Nasty business this tumbling about – but if you are only shaken, not stirred and broken, then that will be more than enough! So, like yeah, don’t you hate it when you can’t figure out how the heck you managed something like a fall – when the world suddenly didn’t tilt in your vision?!

    I love the new theme – it’s crisp and clean and has an air of total geeky Eejit greatness smacked all over it! So cheering squad applauding the choice :D

    Weekend- hmm …. can’t think that far back – it was a “holiday here – Victoria Day – but like, in my warped world, every day is like a sick twisted holiday, without the beach, exotic flowers, ocean’s surf, rum, coconut oil and hunky cabana boys – and of course, Madonna singing in the background. Now don’t that just suck rocks XD


      • Okay – okay, ya got me on the hunky dudes XD

        Well, we had Victoria’s Day this past weekend – and what I can’t figure out it how and when someone over here in this land – whose brain somehow is still frozen in the Ice Age – changed the date from the “official” 24th of May – to the weekend before?! I find it insulting personally. There was one thing we could always bank on – Victoria Day fell on Memorial Day (US Holiday) and I still can’t understand what the deal was – probably someone sniveling about being Independent blah blah blah.

        Well – you must enjoy your time off – and fer cryin’ out loud – ffs – SCHEDULE some “you” time in, right? ;)

        Love ya Juls :D


  5. I understand all too well about falling. My mom actually had me take ballet lessons as a little girl because my pediatrician said it should teach me some grace so that I’d stop running into everything. I’m glad to hear you’re alright. And I love the new look!


  6. Good to know you landed on a well protected part of your good self…..the other bits will mend I am sure, just maybe a little slower than they did twenty years ago…….take care….


  7. Yiiikes! That sounds painful…I hope it’s worth it and gives you some relief though. I bet you were ready to kill some people on GTA after that.

    I like the theme. I switched over to it myself last week :D


      • Great minds… ;)

        I didn’t realize it was so new, but was wondering how I missed it before! Same, I’ve always found something to gripe about with the other free ones but not this one so far.


  8. I hope your knee is ok. Our excitement on the weekend was going to test drive some cars and there was a huge sale on so the girls got to have lollies, ice-cream and jump on the jumping castle. We still haven’t decided on which car to buy yet.


  9. Does your hair change color often? It’s blonde up top and red below. :)
    Lookin’ good, chief anchor reporter. :D

    As we already discussed, I had a lil “Daddy! I hurt my arm!” moment when I banged my Alien Elbow against the door frame. I too went through the pain and shock and concern for re-injury. I was more concerned about relocating the implant or splitting the bone from the impact than the tendon, but the latter did enter my mind. Using my latest torture tool to straighten my arm, I have cut off circulation more than once and experienced one night of scary swelling so far. I have never had arm jiggle. And, for the night, I was worried I had done some vein damage. But, by the morning, all was right again, and I think I made some improvement. Buuut…that seems to fluctuate, day to day. If the weather gets too cold, it seems to revert/stiffen back up. And, I occasionally feel like Sisyphus.

    I do hope we both kick this scar tissue business into the stratosphere and have the lovely freedom of movement we deserve from proper surgery. Otherwise, I am going to continue holding acid in my mouth for both my stupidity and the human inability to fix another.


  10. I’m not a stranger to falling over myself; or having a good greet about it. In fact I fell of my New Bike at the weekend – after I had stopped – I am a stranger to cycling. I do like your new banner – very elegant. Though I am a tad concernced about your yellow ochre/Titian hair. I like Squirrel Red you better. But then I’m a dyed-in-the-wool redhead :-D


      • I have made a fine art(se) of falling down :-) I mostly bounce; well apart from the Crossing The Road To Yoga incident. The same driver always seems to be on Tuesdays, and he’s still telling me to be careful!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • You might have half another reply….pesky thumb again! Anyway, had to check my comment to see which falling down you were referring to! That was a very minor falling, and will appear in part three of the triathlon tales:-)

        Very impressed at all your catch up reading and replies :-) Are you doing it with coffee or wine???

        Just realised I should stop replying or you’ll never get comments done! But I’m such a sucker for the attention :-)


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