Time wasting on the Tube!

Old Motorola Mobile
The Fatherships old mobile phone! (Image by Garry Knight)

I’ve just wasted two hours of my life, two hours that I will never get back. Weird thing is I don’t really mind, well apart from the fact that the potatoes are not scrubbed for tomorrow nights tea.

The events leading up to the two hour time wastage I totally blame on the Fathership, because he also caused me to lose about 2 hours on Friday night. You see he has a new phone, a new mobile telephone to be exact. My sister gave it to him for Christmas and offered to set it up and everything, but the male rent believes in using something until it falls to pieces, so he continued to use his current one.

Lately his mobile provider has been failing to deliver and getting frustrated with the lack of signal I was approached to make the move to a different network. Cue two hours spent on the phone to said networks, changing sims, transferring contacts, topping up and teaching the oul boy how to switch it on and make calls. By the time 10pm came on Friday night I was sick of the sight of mobile phones, and I’m a geek ffs!

Fast forward to today, another call to the network  for the MAC code they promised to send Friday and we’re ready to go. Phonecall to the new network and we have a scheduled time for the number to move across to his new phone. I hope everything goes according to plan or the Fathership could be launching into Orbit. He DOES NOT want to lose his old number, and if he does, I might lose my head on a chopping block in the garden!

So I’d fed them both, done the dishes and cooked my own tea. Of course the whole mobile phone drama happened just as I ushering the first forkful into my hungry mouth, so off I trot up the stairs, dinner in one hand, his mobile phone in the other, and my elbow lodged between the banister and the wall praying that Alien leg can hold it together until we get to the top of the stairs.

By the time I got off the phone my dinner was freezing and it was already 9pm. My early finish and night of blogging was evaporating into mist in front of my eyes.

Then it happened, I started reading blogs and came across a post Steve had done about the band James. I was captivated by the video for the song ‘Moving On’, if you have time I think it is worth a watch, you can find it on Steve’s post HERE!

As always happens when I go onto Youtube, I started to watch video’s from Ellen. Her show is not broadcast here as far as I know, unless you pay for subscription services. I find her incredibly funny and particularly love it when she scares her guests and pulls surprises on people.  For the next two hours I laughed, welled up, shed tears, was amazed and entertained to the point where I pretty much forgot about everything else. Ellen can keep my two hours, she deserves it for an awesome show and she is now my go to person when I need cheered up.

Two hours well spent, I have a smile on my face :)

37 thoughts on “Time wasting on the Tube!

  1. See, I don’t think of things like this. I never would have thought “Ellen” wouldn’t be on over there.

    That said, I love the times she has sent Dennis Quaid into Starbucks or other places and told him what to do. A handsome guy with a sense of humor :-)


  2. I have just become acquainted with your blog through Steve and I find it very witty and funny. Keep up the great work


  3. I am also a victim of Youtube time wastage but you’re right Ellen is worth it! I always get giggles watching her skits and outtakes :)


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