“What is Love?”-Suzie

I loved this……you guys just have to take a peek!! Made me smile :)

Square One Notes

This week Suzie81 Speaks of love. More specifically she has asked everyone to share their interpretation of what love is. A concept as abstract as this can only be told through illustrations, says me, the simpleton.

A Social Story On Love


This is Charlie.


And this is Hazel. Two lonely souls searching for companionship, someone to share inside jokes with, a karaoke partner; because yes, love is a duet. Hazel looked to the sky one day and thought to herself “I’ve had my fill of girl’s night outs, sex in the city marathons on TBS, single serving coffee in the morning. I want to find my other half.”


Charlie spotted Hazel looking fetching in her purple overalls and pale pink undershirt. He thought to himself, “I’m so glad I went with the blazer today instead of my usual Butthole Surfers t-shirt. But what do I say? She’s beautiful! And deep…

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