What if we could weather our moods?

Okay, What if ?

4 emoticons There are apps for many things and emoticons to capture almost every situation we encounter. In text messages they help us to gauge the mood of the sender, whether it be a thumbs up, smiley face, confused look or tears. There is something for everything and if not, there is always adaptation.

But what if you were able to display your mood with the use of the weather, in almost the same way the weather has a similar effect on you.

This week I have heard a lot of people remarking how great it is to see the lighter nights returning, This along with the little bit of dry weather we have had, has left them feeling energized and raring to go. Those people, in my head, were proudly sporting a little sunshine symbol and infecting everyone they passed with  good cheer.

In fact, let me make it really simple…

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