What if I met a Mermaid?

For No Blog Intended. I hope it didn’t disappoint :-)

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Okay, What if ?

If you remember a couple of weeks back I told you about the time I got sucked down a plughole, a both terrifying and enlightening experience. At the end of the journey when I skimmed out of the sewer pipe and into the deep blue ocean, what should I see before me but a Mermaid. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s something along the lines of how did I know what I was looking at. I’ve seen enough films to know and to be fair the whole half woman, half fish thing kind of gave it away.

I had always thought Mermaids were Sirens of the Sea, portrayed in Greek mythology as beautiful yet dangerous creatures who lured sailors to their death with femme fatal looks and enchanting song. The one floating in front of me looked a little less daunting I am thankful to say.

She was…

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