The Full Moon

Moon by See-Ming Lee
Picture by See-ming Lee

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon
When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

It was only when I reached my late teens that I realised the phrase ‘full moon’ had a double meaning. Up until that time I had always associated them with the horror movies I used to tremble through on a Saturday evening.

One night a crowd of us were wandering through the local park, when one of the lads in the group asked if I wanted to see a ‘full moon’. Of course I had seen them many times before, but figured this one must be pretty special if you needed an invitation to view it, and excitedly replied that I would indeed like to see, at which point he dropped his trousers and stuck his bare arse in my  face! Apparently this was my full moon initiation and I passed with flying colours. It still reminded me of a horror movie though as his unclad butt cheeks were not unlike those of a werewolf. Much to the amusement of the rest of the group I shared my thoughts with him and I believe that is the reason why I passed.

I however, would not wish to become a werewolf, nor have I any desire to unleash the junk in my trunk on any unsuspecting members of the human race! That indeed would be the mother of all horror movies!

These would be the amazing traits of my full moon alter ego!

  • No worrying. Imagine that, how I would love just one day where I did not worry.
  • No smoking – I’m trying to quit but it’s so hard and I have the willpower of a gnat!
  • No one to look after but me, myself and I, even just for a little while. Let someone else have the cooking and cleaning and stresses.
  • A brain chockablock full of useless computer information so that when I get the blue screen of death I can fix it and not jump up and down in a bad temper, which is what usually happens.
  • Confidence, and I mean confidence, not arrogance. Enough to allow me to walk into a room full of strangers without feeling like there is a neon sign over my head saying ‘Freak!’
  • The moves like Jagger.
  • The ability to make people laugh.
  • The willpower to stop myself eating like the world is going to run out of food tomorrow :|
  • The ability to be able to use the word ‘No’ and mean it.

Thing is though, what would any of it really change, inside I’d still be the same eejit I always was :)

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