Life is a Lottery!

Fingers crossed for the Geek!
Fingers crossed for the Geek!

A while ago I started playing the lottery online. It was so much easier, deposit £10 and get your tickers for the next 4 weeks, no temptation to purchase a sneaky scratch card.

I don’t even really like playing the lottery. I used to buy lucky dips every now and again and that was about it. About 6 months ago Shady and I picked 6 numbers and I’ve been playing them ever since. It’s almost got to the stage I am scared not to play in case the dam numbers come up, with a lucky dip you would never have that worry.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I wouldn’t want to win millions and millions of pounds. I don’t believe that money can buy happiness, it’s brought me nothing but misery, my own fault of course.

First things first I’d have to buy his nibs a ticket from the USA to Dublin cos that’s  the cheapest direct flight, I might be a millionaire, but I’m still going to be sensible. We’d bum around Dublin for a while checking out the sights and supping pints of Guinness before we headed North.

I’d pay all my bills so I did not owe anyone in the whole wide world a single penny.

I’d give money to my family for them to spend as they pleased. If I won enough I’d pay off a few mortgages to make life a little sweeter.

I’d give Lee £10,000 to spend on gadgets and technology. I’d also give him a box of tissues, he tends to drool over shiny electronic items! He uses tissues for other things too but you really do NOT want to know!

I’d buy Paul a TV licence so he didn’t have to watch programs 7 days behind the rest of us. I’d have to be creative about how I helped him out. Were I just to hand him a wad of cash he’d head to the pub darts in hand! Worse still, he might buy a pub!!

Photograph by Matt Mechtley

I’d buy a medium sized house, that would have a games room. Shady and I have had so much fun talking about how we’d kit it out. We never usually get much farther than pinball tables, lots of lovely pinball tables. There’d be a wall of TV’s with one of every kind of console attached. A full sized,  sit in Sega Rally and OutRun, a huge jukebox, a pool table and an air hockey table. Shelves all around the room would house my recently purchased collection of game character models, my Final Fantasy collection being the first to reach completion.

There would be a secret panel in the wall to conceal my little fetish room. Wall to wall stationary. Paper, pens, notebooks, journals, memo blocks, post it notes……I might need a tissue myself soon! What can I say, I’m a freak! I LOVE stationary, it makes me all google eyed!

Whats the reality?

I’d probably win a tenner and lose the ticket on the way to cash it in!

But a girl can dream!

If money was no object, what would you buy?

7 thoughts on “Life is a Lottery!

  1. If I won, I’d buy shady a plane so he could go direct. I’d buy lee the rights to the gadget show and I’d buy jelly a vat of whiskey cos he’s hilarious when he’s drunk.
    As for you, I’d buy you haribo!!


  2. I never play the same numbers fo fear that the one time i didn’t get my ticket they would come up. I also always participate in work lotto syndicates because if they did win and i wasn’t in it, I would be PISSED OFF! lol.


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