Super Soundtracks!

I love music.

I love it for the way it makes me feel and how it can change my mood.

One of my bosses says that my music  makes him want to  go and find razor blades to slash his wrists. I can see where he is coming from, I do have a preference for all things melancholy.

Despite this though I have a very varied collection of all kinds of everything and I am always open to new ideas. My In My Music Bubble page gives a fair indication of the current play list.

I tend to chop and change though, I’ll play something for weeks or even months on end and then forget all about it. I make myself weird little play lists like, Chilled, Sad, Dance and Cleaning to name but a few. Each contains just the right amount of songs with a suitable beat for the task in hand.

One thing I keep coming back to though is soundtracks. I LOVE them and rarely tire of them. It’s something about the mix of the music and how it can transport you, different styles and beats blending seamlessly into one. I’ve happened across soundtracks to films I have never even seen, meaning I have to rely on my imagination to supply the visuals. So here, in no particular order 5 of my favourite movie soundtracks:

Red Planet.jpg

Red Planet

This was a bizarre little find. We used to have this music store that every so often would put on a sale where you could buy 4 CD’s for £10. I used to buy them and then sell them on Ebay. More often than not I made no profit. I decided to have a listen to this one before I sold it, fell in love and needless to say it’s been on my shelf ever since. I think I did see the movie, but it obviously was not that memorable.

Best Track: Canto XXX – Emma Shapplin



Shopping in this film is in the form of Ram Raiding. I saw this movie one Saturday night at a friend’s house. We’d all been like, you want us to watch a film about Shopping, wtf! It was nothing like we imagined. I loved both the film and the soundtrack.

Best Tracks: Water Pistol Man – The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Why don’t you take me – One Dove and Heaven or Hell – Salt ‘n’ Peppa

Sucker Punch.jpg

Sucker Punch

With regards to the film, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The soundtrack however was different. Old songs got a new funky twist making them just that little bit more sinister than before.

Best Tracks: Sweet Dreams  – Emily Browning, White Rabbit – Emiliana Torrini and Tomorrow Never Knows – Alison Mosshart.



Not to be confused with the original soundtrack, this is actually entitled More Music  from the Motion Picture and it’s much better than its predecessor.

I didn’t watch Gladiator until a couple of years after it had been released because I thought it wouldn’t be my type of thing. It completely blew me away and I was annoyed I had waited so long.

Best Track – Now We Are Free – Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard



I love this soundtrack. I also loved the film. There are parts that are truly uplifting, but also parts that can make you sad when you remember which part of the film they came from.

Best Tracks: Climbing Up Iknimaya  and Jake’s First Flight– James Horner

This is only a few of the many soundtracks I like. If you have any suggestions for ones I should listen to I’d love you to leave me a comment. I like being introduced to new music!

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