Crushing the Candy Addiction!

823492_10151473525769758_1375313889_oI’ve been staring at the screen for 15 minutes now. I even secured myself a table on the train. A window seat no less, with a view of the water.

The problem is, I can think of nothing to write. Instead of lots of smart and humorous ideas bouncing around in  the empty space between my ears, I’m thinking how long will it take the spuds (potatoes) to boil and how  can I stop myself from eating the contents of the fridge while they do.

I decided I was going to start a diet today. Actually I hate that word, let me try that again. I decided I was going to try and stop eating junk today,and now it’s all I can think about.

I’m utterly depressed at the thought of a world without crisps, or potato chips as Shady calls them. I could almost cry at the thought of never screwing upfried eggs my face while chomping on a Refresher bar, or Oooing and aaahing over a Drumstick.

Don’t even get me started on the Wine Gummies, Foam Mushrooms, the new Squashies range and the entire Fun Gums range, which has the teeth and toothbrushes and my absolute favourite, FRIED EGGS!!

Swizzels Matlow, you have a lot to answer for, you have ruined me for other confectionery!!

Chocolate I can take or leave, but I am helpless when it comes to jellies and chews! I am like the veritable kid in a sweetie shop. After 30 mins I am the kid who has had wayyy to many E numbers, hyper hyper! I can easily spend a half hour in the sweet aisle, drooling shamelessly.

But I need to stop! To exercise willpower!I need to get  grip on my sweetie addiction before I no longer have a tooth in my head and Alien Leg and her sister buckle underneath my weight!

I will limit myself to only having sweets at the weekend. A treat on a Friday night….I mean after a long hard week it’s no less than I deserve. I just hope that shop still has the offer on the party buckets!! ;)


(Click the link at the top of the page to visit the Swizzels Matlow Website and discover all the dreamy deliciousness for yourself!)

6 thoughts on “Crushing the Candy Addiction!

  1. Alas, I feel a Friday night without said treats would not be the same. After all, I can’t imagine you NOT spitting gummie bears out of your gob while shouting at the screen ‘That’s just b******s!!’ …


  2. be careful what the lady wishes for …. I may reveal the true sayings of a geeky g4mer when one falls of that god damn awful evo 250 while climbing that hill ……


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