Meet Billy and Seamus!

So I had an idea, well I had it a couple of days ago, but I’ve been mulling it over . I enjoyed doing my A to Z post, the one where my two characters ended up going to the Zoo. It was fun to introduce you to some of the dialect from Norn Ireland, although it does lose some charm in the process of transferring it from brain to page. Hearing the scenarios spoken is much funnier.

So my idea was to give the characters names and possibly a regular spot on the page. The seeds are sown, I’m just not sure I have enough brain power to cultivate them into saplings….I figure it’s worth a shot tho.

I’ll try it out and see what happens. If I or for that matter you think it’s complete and utter tripe it will most likely be consigned to the trash can.

The Characters

Meet Billy and Seamus. Two fun loving eejits, neither of whom could pick up the prize for the brightest pixie in the forest. Well come on, there had to be a little of me in there somewhere.

They come from different religious divides, but are the best of friends and have been  since childhood.

Both are currently  unemployed, although to be fair it’s not through lack of trying. Times are tough and jobs are hard to come by these days. The lack of work however allows them the time to indulge in lots of mirth and mayhem…..hopefully (think brain think).

At the kitchen table……..

Billy: Seamus?

Seamus: Wha?

Billy: Are ye happy?

Seamus: Aye, why?

Billy: Are ye sure you’re happy Seamus, like, really sure?

Seamus: Aye I’m sure.

Billy: Well could ye tell your feckin face then!

For anyone who doesn’t understand I apologise, interpretation can be given on request.

Is it worth giving Billy and Seamus a shot?

What ya wanna do?

Daily Prompt: A to Z 

Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Decision making Norn Ireland style.

Ach look at that sunshine. What should we do today?

Belfast will be chocker block, not sure I fancy it to be honest.

Chippy tea anyways, no matter where we go, ok?

Do you not think you could do with losing a couple of pounds ya big gorb.

Eh? What you on about, sure my body’s a temple.

Ffs, it’s certainly the size of a temple. (laughing)

Give my head peace will ya, you know what I mean.

Here. What about getting one of them new fangled trains up to Portrush?

I’m skint. I’ve enough for a dander round and me chips and that’s about it.

Job seekers not come in yet then?

Kiss my arse, ya cheeky shite.

Listen, we need to make a decision here, cos the day’s marchin on.

My minds a blank. I can’t think of anything to do at all.

Nor me.

Ok so what’s our options?

Portrush or Belfast, that’s all we’ve come up with so far.

Quite a choice there, just not sure I fancy either. I’d love to do something different.

Right ye are, so think of something then ya gormless eejit.

Shusssh, I’m getting the old brain in gear as we speak.

Thought I smelt burnin!

Up yours! At least I’m trying.

Very trying, that you certainly are.

Wait i’ve got it…

Xray vision?

You know that place where all the animals are…ahhhh…Bellevue…?

Zoo? Aye thats a good un, let’s go, I’ve got enough to get us both in.