Scary September!

Someone needs to tell those feckers with their fireworks that it’s only September, ffs, I almost shat me pants twice on the walk up from work tonight. I thought a bloody bomb had gone off. It almost did in my undercrackers.

In all honestly I didn’t realise it was going to be so dark, the nights are drawing in very quickly considering it’s only the start of September.

The schools and colleges are back, oh joy! You should see my wee face, happiness clean hangs out of it in the morning as I tackle my way through the hoards of screaming young un’s, whose volume levels seem to be set at ‘unacceptably loud’. Now before any of you go all rogue on me, I don’t dislike kids, I just can’t be doing with them screaming in my face before I’ve even had my morning coffee.

Geez I’m getting old, almost 30 years ago that would have been me annoying the life out of people on the train. It seems like a lifetime ago. It is a fecking lifetime ago.

Did you know there’s Christmas cards in some of the shops already. What’s the deal with that. I have a stationary fetish ffs, so when I turn up my favourite isle and see it’s full of cards and not pens and notebooks like it should be, it sets me all a dither. Don’t judge, a girl’s gotta get her perks where she can.

Well I’m almost at my stop, it’s been a blast. I think I’m going to stop on the way home and get myself a wee spring roll or three. If that doesn’t put a smile on my face nothing will! :)

Later Eejits ❤

25 thoughts on “Scary September!

  1. I’m with you for the stationary shops!
    I mean I need to sort out Christmas really early this year so I can post everything on time to make it to the UK…BUT even then, September is too early to be even considering Christmas!!
    p.s. “I thought a bloody bomb had gone off. It almost did in my undercrackers.” Made me giggle out loud. 🙂


  2. Well Juls, maybe a spare pair of undies might be an idea and yes I’m sorry to say you are getting old when you realise the noisy kids could have been you all those years ago and they are getting on your goat, so to speak…


    • got worse, there were two girls singing Bohemian Rhapsody, to be fair they were quite tuneful, but honestly in my head it was like someone scraping their nails down a blackboard.
      I’m clearly weirder than I though. Worst thing is as I was walking over the car I was whistling it lol


  3. So fireworks are a thing for Halloween where you live? I hate fireworks almost as much as I hate kids! I’m glad they’re relatively confined to July 4th and New Years Eve here so there’s only two days where I have to worry about shatting the undercrackers…


  4. Yep, my journey to and from work in the car is more of a hassle now that the schools are back as I live right near a school and sixth form college! I don’t like the darker mornings and evenings – at this time of year I’d rather hibernate!! And as for Christmas, ugh! Bah humbug! I’m sure last year a certain shop started selling mince pies at this time of the year!


  5. I’m ecstatic the schools are back. No kids means no families with kids so my evening commute dropped from 55 minutes to 35 just like that. Give the other holiday-makers (the ones avoiding the school holidays) a chance to go home and I’ll be back to 25 🙂


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