What The F*** Twenty One Pilots?

How did I miss Twenty One Pilots?

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Twenty One Pilots

Sometimes I can’t actually believe that I have made it through my life without having heard a particular song, or of a particular song.

Such was the case with Twenty One Pilots and their song ‘Stressed Out’. It ended up on my Spotify playlist, I have no idea how, but I’m thinking perhaps it was divine intervention, I LOVE this song.

It’s laid back tempo, beats and catchy tune just became ingrained in my brain. So much so I got some funny looks on the train platform one night. Forgetting where I was I started to belt out the chorus….well I was stressed out.

I was intrigued and decided to check out some of their other tunes on Spotify, and what a good decision that was. This band who originated from Columbus, Ohio way back in 2009 have a discography of music that literally has a little something…

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10 thoughts on “What The F*** Twenty One Pilots?

  1. I have a special place in my music collection for Twenty One Pilots. For me, I tend to listen to this genre when I am gaming it provides a better background to focus especially when I am playing FPS.


    • Actually I never even considered tunes while gaming, except for Apollo 440 and Stop the rock that is lol. Might give that a try, I always turn my sound down, the language in GTA 5 is not for the faint hearted lol


  2. They’re just ok in my opinion, but I certainly don’t judge. Everyone’s taste is different when it comes to music…… except country, those peeps can take a long walk off a short pier. No love lost if country disappears tomorrow.
    Thumbs up, both hands, for Spotify. What a fracking awesome service well worth the monthly subscription. I’ve found so much fantastic music I never knew existed. And, damn, Discover Weekly is my absolute favorite!


    • Isn’t it scarily amazing how accurate the Discover Playlist can be some weeks. I was so delighted on Monday night, after a bad day, when I am finally figured out how to put it onto my aging IPod touch 3rd gen. Life was good, so was the music lol

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  3. I heard this song for the first time staying at my Grandmas house, and for some reason I found it so creepy. Now I love them so much, and can’t figure out how I thought that song was bad!


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