The Eejit’s Top Tunes Of 2016!

Some of my top tunes for 2016!

Talk About Pop Music

An Eejit's Playlist

There is never a bad time to look back on things from the past, unless of course it’s 2016, I think that judging by the memes flying about most people just want to erase 2016 from their memories if at all possible.


Me, well yes, I thought 2016 pretty much sucked as well, we lost a lot of great people and the world has seen a great many changes, not all for the good. That said, the one thing that was constant throughout the year was music, as always an amazing way to lift yourself out of the veritable sh*t storm that life can be sometimes. So with that in mind, I am going to look back at the year that was with a little fondness as I assault you with some of my top Spotify finds of 2016!

(1) Christine and the Queens – ‘Tilted’

This song was never…

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