For me, music is a little like blogging, I forget how much I miss it until I start to participate again.

I don’t have a soundtrack for my life, just a selection of random tunes, some of which have meaning and others which don’t.

I adore the feelings that music can invoke, and the fact that technology has moved on sufficiently enough that we can carry a whole library in our pockets, something for every minute of every day should we desire.

I’ve been listening to my various play lists in Spotify on the journeys home. I find myself getting lost in the music, for a short time imagining I am somewhere else. Easing myself over the bridge between work and home.

This morning I didn’t notice the crowds around me as I completed my usual train change, only the sunshine and the warmth upon my face as I was serenaded every step I took.

The problem is the moment I hit work or home the music stops and there is only silence, which can sometimes be deafening.

I wish that there could be music all the time, automatically selected to suit either your mood or the situation you find yourself in. Now that would be an awesome playlist.

For now I’ll just keep listening and tapping out my post, enjoying the calm before the storm.


This post also applies to the Daily Prompt – Music

28 thoughts on “Listening…

  1. Maybe Apple’s next big thing will be a Spotify chip that goes behind your ear and plays in your head whatever song matches your mood. I have such a love-hate relationship with music right now. I’ve found a way to love it again – on the site

    Awesome to be here again. It’s been too long!


    • I’m not friends with Apple right now. Listening to Spotify on the PC is great but I needed to take my lists with me, or listen all round the house. The perfect solution would have been to install the App on my IPod touch, only they don’t support the 3rd gen one any more, making it practically redundant even though it’s only 3 years old….grrr!

      I must check out 8tracks, sounds good :)

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  2. I agree with how music can transcend you to another plane of thinking or just being. My personal love affair with music has me using it as a distraction to the many noises around me all day long. The typing, coughing, sneezing, nail clipping, loud mouse clicking, weird keyboard typing, loud conversations, etc., etc. I have a real issue with noises around me as I find silence to be what I want. In my case, focusing on what I’m doing and only the music, its the trade off I need to remain productive as without the music, I’m ready to pull my hair out and punch a few people out cold. I’ve not tried Spotify. I use Pandora or Groove Music (to listen to my collection streaming from OneDrive). My music collection (over the last 8-10 years) has grown to over 80GBs.


    • Someone else convinced me to try Spotify, I like it because you can listen to almost any album. One of my pet hates was buying albums because I liked a couple of songs only to find out that the rest of the album was a complete wash out.

      Through the many play lists there are so many new songs to discover, it’s been a real journey for me I have to say and opened my eyes to some amazing artists.


  3. You gave no hint if there was any music genre you are particularly fond of listening to. I used to be employed in assorted very “noisy” jobs, so all I ever wanted to hear was silence for years. Now I only listen to classical music which drives company crazy. I don’t like having catchy lyrics bouncing around in my head all day. Maybe I’m just an eejit.


  4. I am the same way with music. I have a very eclectic song list and I often go long periods of time without listening to music and then suddenly I start up again. What’s the craziest song you own? Hmm, I am going to have to think about that if you ask me that question, lol.


    • Crazy songs.. I don’t even know lol I guess from way back there would be two that I loved, Waltzin Black by the Stranglers, it’s a little freaky and if it was played to you in the dark would probably give you nightmares lol Another would have been Close to the Edit by the Art of Noise, weird but so good :)

      I have a very eclectic mix too, my boss calls it music to slit your wrists to :/ he thinks it’s very morose lol


  5. So often our salvation isn’t, the music we listen to, that thing that ties us to sanity and keeps us back from the attractions of insanity……keep those ear buds in Juls…..great post…


  6. Me too :-) And how bizarre that I should be listening to PCO’s A Brief History when I read your post. That’s a bit spooky!! A soundtrack tuned into your brainwaves and emotional waves would be an awesome thing. I’ve only recently got into Spotify – couldn’t bear the silence of an empty office one more minute. I love the random stuff you can find. I’m quite partial to an album of forest bird song – can’t help but feel I’m in a wood with dappled sunlight, and I am calm – regardless of the length of my to-do list :-)


    • Look me up and follow me so I can repay the favour, that’s the best way to find music sometimes through other peoples play lists. OMG I love the Penguin Cafe Orchestra or did you know that already? On that particular album my two favourites are Perpetuum Mobile and Heartwind :)

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  7. Music is a big part of my life too and trying to imagine a day without music is difficult. However, I do like the ‘defeaning silences’ too; that’s the introvert in me.


  8. Eek! Why does the music have to stop when you get home?

    I have a radio on every floor tuned to the classical station and it’s also on in my car. Almost seamless. Work in an office of course is another matter because probably there are rules but… well, heck, if I were in an office and there wasn’t a management objection, I could kick up the station online, too. Lots of good online stations. Do you ever listen to Pandora on your phone? That one’s fun because it builds a collection based on what you already like.


    • Not tired Pandora, but Spotify does the same kinda thing, each week it gives you a list of suggestions based on what you have been listening to, the suggestions it makes for me are usually fairly accurate lol

      The olds watch TV, so the music doesn’t start again until I am upstairs and then it’s usually my Songs for Writing list I listen to, this girl is all about the chill out :)


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