Incy, Wincy Spider

Today is Steve’s second anniversary here on WordPress so in honour I thought I would share this, my favourite post of his. After reading it again tonight it still makes me laugh :)

Steve McSteveface

I’ve been sharing a lot of photos, music and videos recently and I am conscious of the fact that I don’t want that to be all my blog is about. So I’m going to share a story….

We moved from the city to the country just over a year ago. I grew up in a semi country location so I’m no stranger to the bugs and beasts that nature has to offer. Bees in the garden, slugs on the grass and worms on the path – not a problem. Spiders in the bath and cats doing the meh meh meh noise at flies in the kitchen – no issue with that either. However, one day a few weeks ago I noticed a spider on the outside of one of the windows.

That’s a big one, I thought and then forgot about it.

A couple of days later, on the same…

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