Okay, what if you were a mug?

I though it about time that I wrote a post for the challenge I set over at Okay, What if? You can get the full details here, but below is a quick summary:


If you were this mug, which is essentially a blank canvas, how would you decorate it to let the world know it was in fact yours? What would you add to stop your work colleagues stealing it? What would be your catch phrase or picture?

I love my mugs, perhaps almost as much as I like Penguins. I have amassed quite a few over the years, the problem being that they can be quite bulky and hard to store. My sister always brings me a new one from her holidays, originally Starbucks ones were my favourite, but since they changed the shape to something that resembles a bucket, they have have fallen slightly from grace. This however leaves room for new ones like my ‘Evelyn’s Coffee Bar’ mug from Canada, or my big yellow taxi one from New York.

I’m also a closet Dennis the Menace fan and have a couple of those mugs kindly donated to my collection by Lee. A Wizard of Oz mug that my Sister gave me due to the fact that I once played the cowardly lion in the school play, I’m afraid there’s no denyin’….

Anyway, I digress, back to the job in hand which is how would people know that a mug is mine. I am lucky in this regard, I’ve already bought or been given mugs that sum me up rather well. In work I have three favourites:

  1. A Penguin travel mug. Considering that my office is littered with penguins, everyone knows that cup is mine.
  2. A mug with the slogan ‘Proud of my attitude problem’
  3. A mug with the logo from my old blog ‘The Geeky G4mer’

All of these are recognisable as mine by people who know me.

As I sit here and type I am currently sipping from one I purchased myself just the other week while on a Wednesday shopping trip with the ships. If only you knew how traumatic that could be, you would forgive me for my spending of £1.99 on a little something for myself.

Geek Cup

I shall draw this to a close. Out of all the mugs I own there is one that sums me up perfectly and could not be more perfect in either look or description that was again bought for me by my best friend Lee.

Little geek cup


There truly is nothing better, I am after all indecisive and an Eejit :) The only other one I might need at some stage would be this one, so people would know when to back off!

Anx - Mug

So there you have it, if you haven’t given this a try yet, but would like to, let us know over at Okay, What if? what your mug would look like!

23 thoughts on “Okay, what if you were a mug?

  1. There is something attractive about a coffee mug that feels good to drink from……even if it is tea.
    But I do get the storage side of it and there are times when I think there are mugs in my cupboard I may never use so why are they taking up space…..but I hesitate to throw them out just in case I drop the ones I am using and break them….weird I know…..Have a good day juls…


  2. Fab mugs :-) I do like your work one with the attitude problem. I really ought to do this since I have a thing about mugs, and still mourn the passing of my best ever tea mug.


  3. Oh how I wish I was a coffee or tea drinker! I always feel so left out when I was see pics on Instagram of people with their pretty foamy lattes.


  4. Love your avatar mug Jules. I have one from Ute, a bloggy friend (from London) which says,”keep calm and press delete” which I use all the time. Pressing delete ! :D <3 …..ZAP !


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