A Paddy’s Mix Tape (By An Actual Irish Lassie) – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

A post I did for Steve, Happy St Patrick’s Day Eejits :)

Talk About Pop Music

Steve and I were talking the other day about his Friday Mix Tape post and how he was planning to base it around the approaching St Patricks Day. He asked me if I wanted to add some input, me being from the Emerald Isle and all and without thinking I says “Sure what would be the feckin point in that, I don’t even know any Irish music”. WTF, about 30s seconds after I said it, my mind was awash with all the amazing bands that have come from Ireland, both North and South.

The list of artists / bands who have already made it to the dizzy heights would be endless, U2, Snow Patrol, Thin Lizzy, Ash and Van Morrison to name but a few. But what about the others who were equally as awesome, but perhaps not as well known, perhaps it’s time to give them a shout out.

So here…

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