Sunday Round Up!

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You know, as far as Sundays go, this one did not totally suck. Between Austin over at The Return of the Modern Philosopher’s Blog Pitch Party and Suzie’s #SundayBlogShare on Twitter I have been thoroughly amused and entertained and met some new bloggers in the process. Both are still ongoing, so it’s not to late to drop in and check them out.

The past week was marginally better than the last, I didn’t randomly burst into tears at any point, although I was still plagued with confidence issues. I really do need to give myself a good talking too, I am without a shadow of a doubt my own worst enemy. When faced with obstacles, both at home and work I need to remember to remain calm instead of running round like a headless chicken screaming ‘Oh feck’ over and over again. Three years ago I would have loved this job and quite possibly done it well, but now I just feel that with all the additional stress with the Mothership and Alien Leg,  that everything is sitting heavy on my shoulders. Perhaps the arrival of Spring will put an extra bounce in my step!

I finally decided to embrace Twitter this week, and not in the usual death like I am going to throw this phone against the wall grip I have previously favoured, this was a more quizzical gentle hand holding effort as I dipped the tip of my finger into the tepid waters. I think I like it, I don’t fecking understand it half time, but I like it none the less. It was all tweeting birds, gold stars and gentle pings, that’s good right?

Also of late, Ndorfman (who is worthy of a follow) and I have been sharing our love of music via my Music Bubble page. I am loving his suggestions, it’s nice to be introduced to tunes which without intervention I might never have found. Check out some of the songs and if you have any to add, please feel free to do so. Eventually I will start stripping away the video’s and will just  leave a list of the songs, the page is already getting noticeably slower.

Last but by no means least we have the lovely Steve’s foray into the world of Vlogging, he’s a lot less fidgety that he was in his very first one, but as I was telling him today he needs to curl the corners of that tache! Also, he has also promised that if I send him a hat he will wear it. I can’t wait to go to the big smoke to see if I can find a leprechaun one. Here is the main man in action:

Till next time original eejits and a very warm welcome to the new ones, make yourselves at home!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up!

  1. Thanks for this! Meanwhile, in other news – I just shaved! Also, I’m glad you chose not to share any of the other photos we were exchanging earlier! oOOOOer Mrs lol


  2. Glad to hear your week was marginally better. I know just what you mean about something you might have been up for a while back but where things are at right now really makes it seem a drudgery instead of the pleasure you once thought it would be. Also very much awaiting spring to see if it helps my energy and mood. Hang in there, we have to be due an upswing soon!


  3. I’m following the blog and I’m glad I can follow you on Twitter! I can’t wait to read more of your posts; you’ve inspired me to improve my categories and maybe use BitSrips more. :)


    • I need to have a good tidy up here too when I can find the time. Bitstrips is great for adding pictures to posts. There’s usually something that fits the idea :) Cool, hook me up in Twitter if you haven’t already. I might use it and ditch Facebook :)


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