Wednesday’s What If? – New Writing Challenge 12/31/2014

Okay, What if Jed posed us a new challenge for the new year…oh wait, he did, anyone up for it?

Okay, What if ?

It’s late on New Year’s Eve when you hear a knock on your door. You go to it and open the door to find an old, weathered looking man standing in front of you. Before you can ask what he needs he begins to talk.

“It’s time for the new but it can fall back. What you choose you should know will be a renewed track”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand. What can I do for you.” You ask.

“The decision is not one you should go about lightly, you will continue on path both daily and nightly.”

“Okay this is weird. Do you need me to call you a cab or something.”

“Do not think of things as only a joke, when the calendar changes heed the words I spoke”

And with that the old man faded away into nothing. Was it all a dream? A mid-afternoon aberration?



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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What If? – New Writing Challenge 12/31/2014

      • It might be too much of a crunch and Inwould hate to force it . . . I might yet, though. I actually did get an email several days before he posted it, i think he accidentally posted the draft and then switched it back, but anyone who got that first email isnt going to get a second one when it posts for real, I’ve figured that out before with my own posts. Then I had a head-slapper as I realized I forgot to check his blog on New Years!


      • That’s a good point, and one I need to remember myself. I have a terrible habit of doing half a post and then leaving it and then when I finish and publish, it does so under the date I started it so does therefore not show up in the reader. You’re very smart :) I knew I was friends with you for a reason, you’re a mind of useful information :)

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