Cosmic Musicology Test – Well, What Do Ya Know

Steve New Music Challenge
Spaceman Steve on the Decks!

He was gone, but never forgotten, and now he’s back with the re branded Cosmic Musicology Test! I mean what’s not to love, good tunes and wacky predictions, where else would you get it!! Welcome back Steve :)

Here’s a reminder how it works:

Each week Steve will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

Title your post “Cosmic Musicology Test – …” and link back to this week’s page.

Post your response in the comment section of that week’s page.

Have a look at the archives or click on “Cosmic Musicology” in the category cloud on this page to see all previous weeks.

Any suggestions for future questions welcomed!

For more information, to submit ideas for future questions or just general feedback go to Cosmic Musicology Test.

Here are this weeks questions and my answers:

I Know I Can – Self Esteem by The Offspring – F@&k! Of all the answers there are in the world, this new test would have to pick that! Self esteem is one of the things I don’t have in abundance and at the age I am now I had pretty much given up hope of ever having any! Perhaps my new job and no longer dressing like a tomboy are the things that are going to define me!

I Know I Can’t – The Bones of You by Elbow – I know I can’t jump the bones of you until I get some self esteem perhaps? I reside in a vicious circle! :)

I Know I Might Be Able To? – Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits – Steve, you broke the quiz, I’m speechless and we all know that’s a first for this challenge. Ok here we go, I want to go to Madame Tussauds the Wax Museum, I’ve said it for a while. When I go I’ll take my low self esteem while dressed in my new girl clothes and try to jump the bones of the waxwork of Orlando Bloom dressed as Legolas from Lord of the Rings, probably getting arrested in the process. Now if that doesn’t give you nightmares nothing will!

19 thoughts on “Cosmic Musicology Test – Well, What Do Ya Know

    • We had joy, we had fun, we had drawings from everyone!
      I just listened to the lyrics, where you going cos there are a lot of goodbyes in that. It is had been last night I could very well have imagined you floating off in to the sky hanging onto the string of a bunch of balloons lol


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