Birth Anniversaries

Julie was not amused that the candles had just singed her nose hair!

I’m not a big fan of birthdays, I mean why would I be, every year it’s just a reminder that I am getting older.

For years my folks used to forget the big day, not because they were evil, but because it was close to the date of their anniversary and therefore easy to mix up. My sister though never forgot and always made up for it. As you get older the novelty wears off and it becomes like any other day. My friend was horrified that I said I was going to be doing housework on the night of my birthday, but it’s just like a normal day for me. Despite having offers of having a ‘carry-out’ tea I opted to stay home and cook, I’d already been out once this week and had a chippy lunch, so I fancied something simple and quick.

I don’t like fuss, it makes me feel uncomfortable, run in, wish me Happy Birthday and run out, that’s the best kind of greeting there is. The Tinsel Twit has been teasing me all week about having a party and I have to say I was starting to sweat a little. Worse than that though was the fact that she told everyone who came into the office it was my 50th, and not one person was nice enough to question her. Clearly I need to spend some of my birthday money on anti wrinkle cream!

I went in this morning to banners and balloons and it made me smile, because I realised that was why my co worker had been so keen for me to leave the night before. Once everyone had arrived I received a goody bag which contained stationary (swoon), age resistant moisturiser (fair enough) and a gift voucher. There was also a mini slinky, a little skateboard and a stress baseball. My colleagues know me so well.

Just when I though the day could not get any better, one of my other colleagues asked if I wanted to go for a ‘scoot’ which over here means a drive in the car. I was a little perturbed as my chips (fries) had been ordered and were on their way from shop to my greedy and open gob. My colleague however was very insistent saying he was not going to ask again, and then the penny dropped, and I clapped like a seal, bouncing up and down while repeating ‘You brought your convertible didn’t you’. I’ve never been in a car with no roof before and it’s been on my wish / bucket list for a while, so you can imagine I was as happy as a bee. The wind whipping though my hair, a big smile on my face and flies stuck between my teeth, well come on, this is real life, nothing is ever perfect.

Home time comes and after the tea has been made for ‘The ships’ and the floors mopped it’s up the stairs to yet another voucher from Monkey and a couple of goody boxes from Lee.

Little geek cup
I can drink tea while admiring my ‘oogly boogly’ face as Rob calls it!

I’m in love with the cup with my website name on it and also the little key ring. He’d got me one before when the site was called The Geeky G4mer and I had considered getting myself a new one, now I don’t have too. Udders also got me a Starbucks mug for my collection, so I will be spending the weekend sipping in style.

All in all as birthday’s go, this has been a good one, so no complaints here. My intention would be to finish the night with some GTA with Nugs, assuming he has not fallen asleep in front of his TV.

Happy Friday one and all, as it’s my birthday I request that you hug  stranger in celebration of the fact, however should they look in anyway dangerous, just move on and hug a lamp post or a tree!

75 thoughts on “Birth Anniversaries

  1. Wait, you didn’t even let on about it earlier! Now I feel bad for making you”work”.

    You are in good company. DJ Matticus’ is today too…all the cool kids are born in June. And March. :-)


  2. I’m the same way and I’m only 23. I stopped caring about my birthday the second I felt tipsy on my 21st from some wine. To me, I don’t have a high self esteem and I feel so unfulfilled, each birthday is just another day for me


    • It is awesome, my friend has good taste :) I have not had the heart to drink out of it yet though lol
      Got an e-mail today –

      “We’re writing to let you know that the following items have been unexpectedly delayed:
      Smithson, Sean “How to Lose a Girl in 10 Ways: Words from a Wonderfully Woeful Womaniser”
      Estimated arrival date: June 20 2014 – June 27 2014″

      Do the feckers not know how unbelievably impatient I am lol


      • Aaarggh! I’ve been receiving a few of these Juls. And I’m not going to lie; it’s pissing me off!

        Sorry you received that. I’ve been in touch with my publisher a number of times to get to the bottom of it and all they keep saying is that it will resolve itself soon… I don’t understand what the hold up is as the stock has come in and any orders should be fulfilled from that stock.

        Please just hang in there Juls. I’ll be making another phonecall tomorrow, don’t you worry!


      • Don’t worry I’m only teasing, it’s like a wheelbarrow, it’s always in front of me. It’s also like a bus, if it comes eventually I’m happy! Good things come to those who wait ;)


      • Hey Juls. The publisher told me yesterday that copies were sent out to Amazon UK for onward delivery. Have you received any messages?

        Please let me know if you still haven’t received anything by the end of the week and I shall go ape shit on them! Though that probably won’t help…

        Seriously though, it seems as though things may finally be resolved. I hope!


  3. Happy belated birth anniversary! When I was a toddler, I used to think that every time we had a cake, it was my birthday. I ended up becoming (in my mind’s eye) a year older than I was. XD


  4. Lol I love the caption! I celebrated as requested and I promise no trees were impregnated in the process (I tend to stay away from lampposts or “light poles” as we call them, since I knocked one over about fifteen years ago.)

    So happy birthday, bugger lugs, I hope you don’t feel too much over thirty.

    You’re thirty now, right? Your coworkers are so scandalous!


  5. Happy belated birth anniversary! Sounds like despite your concerns, it was a lovely day. My family never made a fuss over wedding anniversaries, but birthdays were a thang :)

    Now, if that was your first convertible trip: have you been on a motorcycle?


  6. So sorry I missed the big moment — but I’m so glad that it turned out wayy better than you expected and it wasn’t an overdo on the whole affair. And like, you are too cool, eh? You’re own mugs and all! Hell’s bells woman – you are moving about in the world in style, yes ;0


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