Under no obligation.

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Obligation – an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

This week Jed from Okay, What if? challenged us to think about what life would be like if we had no obligations in the New Year.

It’s a very complex issue, as we have many obligations in our daily lives. I’m terrible at saying the word ‘no’, I think it in my head but it’s never what comes out of my mouth, therefore I place myself under unnecessary obligations all the time .

The biggest one in my life at the minute would have to be work. In fact for a long time everything was about work. Something changed though, I am not sure whether it was to do with the time I had to take off because of injury, a change in job, a change of office,  or simply the fact that I have more obligations at home, but I don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm I once had. I like being challenged and kept under a little bit of pressure, those are the conditions under which I thrive.

Even though, at present, I no longer do my part time job,  I still feel obligated to them. Another firm approached me about a position if I ever consider making a return, but I don’t feel like I could make the move without giving my old firm another try, even though I know the new position would be less stressful as there is a better structure of management in place.

Home life has become more of an obligation in the last year or so, although it falls more into the ‘sense of duty’ category. It somehow does not seem right to refer to looking after a parent as an obligation, it makes it seem cold and clinical .

I think it is expected  that we look after those who have looked after us. We don’t always have to like it, but its the way of the world.

We’ve been given this life, and we have an obligation to see it through to the end.

4 thoughts on “Under no obligation.

  1. I love that picture – it has pointe shoes and that quote. But I hate obligations. However fun something can be, I hate it when it becomes ‘obligatory’. It leaves you with no more choices it seems.

    I hope this year will have less obligations for you… And if that doens’t work out, there’s the obligation to make us cheer you up ;).


  2. I wrote this challenge thinking it would be an awesome one, then once I hit publish thought…Wait, I’m asking people to ignore their friends and their families. I don’t know if everyone would be up for doing that. Your response was a well crafted one and I enjoyed it. Thanks for linking up.


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