Thank feck it’s Friday!

So my apologies for being AWOL most of this week, it’s been very up and down to say the least.

Work was hectic, a real blast, and by blast I mean that for most of the week I thought my head was going to explode. For two days straight I looked at nothing but Excel spreadsheets, to the point that when I walked anywhere I saw grid lines in my field of vision. Thank goodness for Princess Leia (named so because of her love for all things Star Wars), who shall from now on be known as Pri-Lei, she ferried me home every night in her spaceship and prepared me for the following day with her many words of wisdom and healthy doses of laughter.

Home was fraught too, I had already been dreading the Christmas Cards, but after writing just one and the trouble it caused, the fear scale has rocketed clean off the chart, which appeared on the gridlines in my field of vision from the accursed Excel. There were other problems too, but for the sake of both your sanity and mine, I will refrain from sharing.

I’m so behind on my blog reading, liking and commenting, apologies one and all. Time has not been something I have had a lot of spare this week and I am worried that this will be the way it is right up until Christmas. I miss my blogging though so will try to make more of an effort.

Now though is the time for sleep, because I am completely done in!

Night night all :) x

18 thoughts on “Thank feck it’s Friday!

  1. I’m right there with you this week, aka AWOL. Between work and visits with my dad in the hospital blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Easing my way back in tonight with my first post in several days and a few likes and comments on others.


    • Aww Jed, sorry to hear your Dad has not been well, here’s hoping he is on the road to recovery. It’s funny the older we get, our roles seem to reverse, keeping house it what takes up most of my time now, it’s almost like I have become the parent, kinda scary considering I don’t feel like a grown up most of the time lol
      I’d imagine everyone’s time is going to become a little stretched what with Christmas approaching.


      • Thank you. My dad is going in tomorrow for a triple bypass and it’s a bit scary. He is in a great hospital with a top notch doctor and I believe he is strong enough to be around a long time, but can’t help but worry. The holidays are a lot more complicated than usual with all this going on. Hopefully blogging can keep me occupied and I won’t go insane. By the way I posted my response to your topic the other day if you haven’t seen it


      • I’ll keep him in my thoughts and send a little prayer upstairs. Before my Mum took the dementia, or stroke damage or whatever it is she’s been in hospital a few times so we were used to seeing that. But the first time my Sister and I saw my Dad in hospital we just wanted to wheel him out because he looked so tiny in the bed.

        I’ll go have a look, I’ve been having problems with the App on my tablet as in posts were not showing in the reader, so I’ve missed so much.

        Good luck for tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about you and your family x


  2. If it makes you feel any better I have decided to do away with both Christmas cards and Christmas present shopping this year! I half heartedly bought a couple of tins of chocolates (at a really good price) just incase I felt the need to bestow a gift upon someone but after discussing it with my husband, we might enjoy the fruits of my bargain buying ourselves. lol. Other than that, nope, the only Chrissmassy thing I’m doing is decorating my bus. (well, and my house a little…)


    • I would so love to see your decorated bus so you make sure you get some pictures! I agree with the whole card thing, it’s so damn expensive, we’re up to nearly 50p a stamp these days, which when you are doing a lot of cards can run into a lot of money. I think I might try and convince her that’s what she wants to do next year!


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