I want a clone for Christmas!


In response to this weeks ‘What if Challenge‘ and a Daily Prompt.

What if you could create a clone? Would you do it and if so what would you make your clone do that you don’t want to? What if your clone ends up better at doing things than you are?

To clone or not to clone, that is the question.

Many people would in fact think it was a no brainer, the answer to all their problems. Send the clone to work while you spend the rest of your days living the life of reilly. Great idea, but it is actually a little more complex than that, here are some reasons why clones would be a good idea from both the male and female perspective, whose list do you think will be the longest?


  • Nagging wife / Girlfriend? – No problem, send in the clone while you watch the football beer in hand.
  • Man Flu – Skip out the door for a fishing trip while the clone lies on the sofa, snotters tripping him.
  • Shopping -Let the clone ooh and ahh and carry all the bags for a change, there are better things to do with a Saturday.
  • Dinner date – A suited and booted clone accompanies your girl while you hit the clubs in an attempt to find a new one.
  • Housework – The multi tasking clone allows you to potter around the garage as it swiftly cleans and dusts the whole house lighting Yankee Candles as it goes.
  • Romance and Flowers – Who’s got time for all that malarkey, give the clone £20 and send it on it’s merry way.
  • Ironing – You’d rather smooth Brylcreem through your hair than an iron over your Y fronts, isn’t that what clones are for.
  • D.I.Y – Having a clone really does put a new spin on this, because technically you are doing it yourself. Win, win!
  • Cooking – Wash and wax the car as the clone prepares an intimate candlelit dinner for two.
  • Intimacy – The clone can handle all the kissing, cuddling and hand holding crap, for everything else the clone can read a newspaper, because sometimes if you want a job done right you just gotta do it yourself, nudge nudge, wink wink.


  • Kick out the man. Keep the clone and give it a copy of the Kama Sutra for Christmas.  Simples!

Only joking guys, don’t get your knickers in a twist :) I know very few of you are actually like this.

16 thoughts on “I want a clone for Christmas!

  1. I thought about cloning the wife for some Kama Sutra reasons, I mean if its a clone it wouldn’t be cheating right? but I don’t think I could kick my wife out and the thought of having two sends a chill down my spine. There is such a thing as too/two much!


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