Little Girl Lost!

Little Girl Lost
Image Credit – Pink Sherbert Photography

Polly Carmichael had to face facts, she was lost. Unbelievably and hopelessly so!

The white corridor ahead seemed to stretch on for ever and ever, but was it an entrance or an exit, she had no idea.

From behind came the dull  murmur of voices. Someone was crying, heartbreaking sobs, but she was no longer inclined to head that way, something, some force was nudging her forwards.

Unsteady, she placed her small hand against the cool walls, and gingerly took a step forward.

“There are only three things you need to remember Polly if you are to venture out, a compass, a torch and a coat. That is all you will ever need,” wasn’t that what her father had told her.

Looking down at her nightdress and fluffy slippers she sighed. “I am unprepared Papa,” she whispered into thin air. “I have no compass, and I am cold.”

Steadily, one foot in front of the other, she made her way along the corridor, hardly daring to breathe, certainly not looking down.

Just as she was starting to feel a little more sure of herself, Polly’s foot hit against something hairy. With a gasp and a  squeak she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Ouch”, came a gruff little voice from below, “will you watch where you’re going!”

“Teddy? Teddy is that you?”

“Polly? What on earth are you doing here?” replied a bemused little voice.

“Oh Teddy, I am so glad to see you. I’m lost, which must mean you are lost, so we’re both lost, and Papa is going to be very cross because I have neither a coat nor a compass. What are we going to do?”

“Erm, not panic for starters.”

“But Teddy, don’t you see………”

Polly’s sentence was cut short because right at that very moment the sound of very loud footsteps could be heard, footsteps that seemed to be getting closer.

Polly paled, and looking down with frightened eyes addressed the equally as frightened bear, “Teddy, it’s a giant, we need to hide, NOW!!”

Bending down she scooped Teddy into her arms, “Hold on tight,” she whispered, preparing to run.

Turning on her heel, she was stopped dead in her tracks by a large booming voice in the distance, “Polly, are you lost in your daydreams again? For goodness sake girl, I asked you to put the kettle on half an hour ago!”

My response to the Okay, What If? Weekly Challenge – What if you were lost? Fancy giving it a try? Then click the link!

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