Hanging by a sliver…

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Blast From the Past: Weekly Writing Challenge – ‘If you normally write non-fiction, try fiction.’

Hanging by a Sliver

They said they have never known this to happen before. They don’t know what to do with me.  I scare them.

I am scared myself, but I cannot let them know.

I don’t look or feel any different.

I wear the same clothes, the same boots, jewellery and carefully selected slogan tee, ‘Welcome to the Darkside’, how apt. If my situation were not so utterly ridiculous I would laugh.

“Some of you must know what’s happened, what did we do today that we have not done any other day?”  Peter is frantic, pacing the floor, barely keeping it together.

“Calm down Peter, we need to think.”

“Calm down, seriously, calm down, are you having a laugh, look at her. James, LOOK at her, it’s too late!”

“I can see ok, I can see, but you wittering in my ear is not helping me think. There might still be time.”

Carla leads Peter to a chair and makes him sit. On the way past she touches my arm and gives me a look. I can see the gesture, but I feel nothing more than a slight breeze brush past the spot where her hand lies.

I don’t understand how I can be so calm about this. Why am I not freaking out. I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time.

“We promised her nothing like this would happen.” Peter again, his voice is starting to grate on my nerves.

“It’s not like we planned it for fuck sake, is that what you think, you knew the risks and so for that matter did she.”

Carla lays her hand on James’ arm, “Leave him be, this won’t help.”

They are getting further away, they are blurring and now for the first time I start to panic.

“She’s fitting. Quick James help me.” Carla lays her arms across my chest, pushing me back onto the bed. I feel nothing, but I see everything.

Breathe, I need to breathe. Think albatross. Slow easy breaths.

“It’s passing.” Carla relaxes her grip.

They can’t see it, but I can. My view of my own lifeless body is unobstructed, all that holds me together is a sliver of lifestream, my soul. If I can perhaps use it to pull myself back I can……

Peter is up and pacing again, his anxiety peaking, “Look what we’ve done, this was only supposed to be an out of body experience, if we can’t get her back you know what will happen. You KNOW what will she will become.” To prove his point he opens his arms and gestures across my body.

He cuts the lifeline, as easily as if it were nothing more than a fine spiders web. There was no way he could have known. I can feel all hope leave me. Every good feeling, every happy memory.

He is crying now. “You know she will become a Dementor.”

27 thoughts on “Hanging by a sliver…

  1. A Dementor seems like a really creepy thing to become, especially if you know it’s happening to you. Thanks for this take on the challenge. I might have to leave all the lights in the house on tonight!


  2. Really great post — and you did a good job with the fiction – actually pretty damn great job because I could feel tension building as the story progressed – and YEAH – that ending – ABSOLUTELY an amazing twist. Kudos Kudos Kudos!

    As I had been reading – I was feeling like this was more of a “Flatliners” experience – and in some ways it is – but the twist ending …. really great.

    *stands and applauds your efforts* :)


  3. Ooops. I was expecting a very different ending. It’s because I can’t read. I misread ‘sliver’ as ‘silver’ and I thought the punch line was going to be you finding your first grey hair…..


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