Daily Prompt: Dream House

Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

As I don’t currently own a house, any one would be a dream. However for the purposes of this Daily Prompt and post, I am going to assume that money is no object.

I wouldn’t want a mansion, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to clean it. A regular run of the mill house will do just fine.

I’d like a big enough kitchen to entertain in, with an island in the middle, somewhere to chop, cook, bake and generally imagine I am Nigella Lawson. A big Smeg fridge packed to the rafters with lots of food is also a must, oh and a dishwasher.

I’ll need two living rooms in this dream house of mine. One for generally loafing about watching TV on my 40 inch plasma, my Sky box merrily recording all the trash that the non terrestrial channels have to offer.

The second room will be slightly bigger. It needs to be, to house my Pinball machines, Air Hockey, sit in Sega Rally, jukebox, all singing all dancing entertainment system and one of every kind of console ever invented.

One wall will be completely shelved  to hold all the DVD’s and games required to make my entertainment system fully functional. My Final Fantasy figurines having  pride of place right in the middle.

Large movie posters and black lights will adorn the walls.

Upstairs will be a more mediocre affair. A couple of bedrooms, and a large sun veranda. A jacuzzi bath and a walk in shower completes the ensemble.

Thats not to much to ask is it??  :)

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