New Shoes!


I’m in different shoes today!

Ever since I came back to work after the Alien Leg incident I have been wearing my Dr Martens. They are old, worn and slightly too big for me now, but I am used to them. Due to their solid nature I feel steadier in them…. move little stone or I will crush you with my clod hoppers!!

I also had the vein hope that the extra weight at the end of my legs would be good exercise.

This morning due to a little glimpse of sunshine I decided to put on my Converse baseball boots.

I walk differently.

I have been so used to the weight of the boots, that now when I lift my leg I am practically prancing. I expect resistance, but there is none.

I don’t however feel as steady. Little stones feel like huge mountains underfoot. With every step my knee is clicking in protest, it’s drumming out that it is not used to this and I need to slow down.

These boots were made for walking,
and that’s just what I’ll do.
But when I go home with blisters,
it’s going to leave me feeling blue!

Entertain the Eejit!

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